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The IDP Effect of MFL Player Position Changes


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Player position changes happen yearly due to switching teams or particular defenses changing their base scheme. These changes directly affect a player’s IDP value either positively or negatively. This is a look at MyFantasyLeague (MFL) latest player position changes and the effect it may have on certain IDP player’s value for the 2020 season.

There is a yearly ritual of changing the designation of IDP players from defensive tackle (DT) to defensive end (DE). It could be DE to outside linebacker (OLB) if their respective team switches to a 3-4 base scheme. In actuality, there are so many sub-packages ran by defenses now, that the base schemes are nearly obsolete. That being said, for IDP fantasy purposes we need designations to set our lineups. MFL is a leading site that runs thousands of IDP leagues. Let’s take a look at the IDP effect of MFL player position changes, shall we?

Dante Fowler, DE, Atlanta

Let’s start with a player that the MFL player position change should affect positively. Fowler is coming off a career year for the Rams’ defense last season. Still just 26-years old, he had 5 multiple sacks games in 2019. He finished the season with a career-high 11.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and a defensive touchdown. He also had a career-high 58 total tackles, as well as 16 tackles for a loss.

Unfortunately, he was saddled with an OLB designation, which negatively affected his IDP value. In most balanced scoring formats Fowler finished in the mid-30s in scoring. By comparison, if he had been designated as a DE, he would have been in the top-5. He replaces Vic Beasley as the top edge rusher in Atlanta. MFL has changed his position to DE and his value immediately rises. It would also boost his value if Takkarist McKinley could finally get his edge-rushing on track.

Robert Quinn, OLB, Chicago

Let’s flip the switch. This player will be affected negatively by his MFL IDP player position change. Early in his career, Quinn was neck and neck with J.J. Watt, as the top edge rushing DE. However, injuries, teams, and scheme changes had derailed his IDP value. He managed to bounce back last season. Quinn led the Cowboys’ defense in sacks with 11.5, despite missing two games, due to suspension. In most balanced scoring, 12-team formats, he posted low-end DL2 numbers. The future seemed bright once again. Unfortunately, he deiced to sign with the Chicago Bears for the 2020 season.

The Bears’ defense is a 4-3 based one and Quinn’s designation has been switched to OLB. That MFL IDP player position change submarines his value. Playing opposite Khalil Mack could help his sack totals and he’ll retain some value in big-play scoring formats. The tackle numbers simply won’t be there for him to hold value in balanced scoring formats. It’s a shame as Quinn appeared to be on his way back as an IDP option.

Vic Beasley, OLB, Tennessee

Beasley had an outstanding 2016 season, which saw him as the top-scoring DL, as he finished with a career-high 15.5 sacks. However, throughout his career, he has been maddeningly inconsistent. Since that 2016 monster season, he has managed just 18 sacks over the last 3 seasons combined. As a DE he brought a bit of depth, bye week filler appeal, but was not a weekly must start. Things are not going to get better after he decided to join the Titans’ defense.

His MFL IDP position change to OLB will not increase his fantasy value. It will, as with the aforementioned Quinn, actually hamper it. The tackles totals will not be there. I say this as he comes off a season in which he posted a career-high 42 total tackles in 2019. He also added 8 sacks. Those numbers, in balanced scoring formats, put him just inside the top-30 DL. By comparison, as an OLB those numbers place him at 78 among LBs. Look elsewhere for LB production folks.

Jordan Phillips, DE, Arizona

Not going to lie to you. The MFL IDP player position changes were not very earth-shattering. Hopefully, there will be more to come. Phillips makes the list as he switches from DT to DE as a member of the Cardinals’ defense. He’ll be a 3-4 DE, which doesn’t exactly boost his value a whole lot. However, he did prove to be an interior force last season for Buffalo. After managing just 5.5 sacks in his first four seasons, he burst out for 9.5 last year and was credited with 20 quarterback hurries.

While it’s difficult for 3-4 DEs to make a huge impact it can be done. J.J. Watt, Aaron Donald, and Calais Campbell, when he was in Arizona, come to mind. To be clear, I am not saying Phillips is on their level but he could bring sneaky late-round value. He is an ascending DL player and could benefit from offenses having to contend with Chandler Jones off the edge.

There hasn’t been a lot of IDP MFL player designation changes that are that groundbreaking. As I mentioned in the piece, there will likely be more to come before the season kicks off. Of course, that’s assuming that the season gets underway at all. Hopefully, it will and I will continue to monitor any player position changes. Please, stay safe during these trying times.

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