IDP in Fantasy Football FAQ

What is IDP in Fantasy Football?

In Fantasy Football, IDP stands for Individual Defensive Players. Unlike traditional formats where team defenses are drafted, IDP leagues require managers to draft individual defensive players such as linebackers, defensive linemen, and defensive backs.

How Does IDP Scoring Work?

IDP scoring typically awards points based on player performance in categories like tackles, sacks, interceptions, forced fumbles, and defensive touchdowns. Each league may have its own scoring system, but the objective is to reward defensive players for their contributions on the field.

Does ESPN Fantasy Football Have IDP?

Yes, ESPN Fantasy Football offers IDP formats for leagues that prefer to include individual defensive players. Managers can set up leagues with IDP settings to add an extra dimension of strategy and competition to their fantasy football experience.

What Are IDP Rankings?

IDP rankings are lists of individual defensive players ranked based on their projected performance for the upcoming season or week. These rankings help fantasy managers make informed decisions when drafting players or setting lineups in IDP leagues.

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