Potential IDP Breakout Candidate Series: Josh Allen


Those of us who followed this young man through the draft process last season knew it was just a matter of time before he was “The Man” in Jacksonville. Now, Josh Allen looks to hold the reigns of the defensive line in his hands as the 2020 season gets closer every day.

I know what some of you are thinking, obvious right? Sometimes though, it’s necessary to point out the obvious.  Here’s my point, Josh Allen’s time is now.  This is the guy that some analysts ranked higher than fellow rookie edge rusher Nick Bosa at this point last season.  Unfortunately for Allen, he didn’t get the television time that Bosa did.  He also saw less time on the field.  So naturally, you would think ole Nicky Bosa would’ve outperformed him in the stat columns by quite a bit right? Wrong, they finished the season with darn near identical statistics.  In this IDP breakout article, I’m going to breakdown why you should all be buying Allen wherever possible.

As I was saying earlier, Josh Allen played a total of 646 snaps in 2019. Nick Bosa played 789.  I know it’s cliche to compare these two just like everyone else does.  Everyone also knows snap count is what counts in fantasy IDP.  The more time a player is on the field gives him a higher chance to score you points when he’s in your lineup.  A high snap count is vital to a player’s success on the field.  By the end of the season, Bosa played about 3 more games than Allen.  Josh Allen looks to have a clear path to be a starting defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2020.  With a starting job in hand, Allen’s snap count is sure to climb.  That means he is in prime position to become an IDP breakout candidate.

I am excited to see what Allen could do with all of that playing time.  When you look at his stats, he had a really good season for a rookie,  He was also competing with Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue, who are both deserving of some credit for their play on the field.  While others may not be, I’m still a big fan of Campbell.  He’s a great leader on the field, in the locker room and he’s a pro bowler.  He’s also on a new team.  Campbell was traded to the Baltimore Ravens back when free agency kicked off the new league year.  With Campbell out the door, that lets Allen slide into the other starting role with Yannick on the defensive line.  Although, Ngakoue seems to be making some noise on twitter.


Every article I write, I learn lessons on how to make my next articles even better.  I feel when writing an article like this, it’s important to cover all the bases on why I expect these players to breakout. In Josh Allen’s case, with Campbell’s departure and now what looks like Ngakoue’s impending trade on the horizon, a player of his caliber can make some noise with some huge IDP numbers.  Yannick has been sending some major signals about his unhappiness with the Jaguars organization.  Begging to be traded so he can continue his career in another city with another team.  Jacksonville still has some decisions to make with their personnel along the defensive line. I don’t believe he will be there in 2020.

The Jaguars didn’t make many free agency moves for their defensive front.  So, I’m guessing they may look to fill some roles via the draft but there is still some time to sign some free agents.  I don’t quite expect them to use an early-round pick on an edge rusher considering all the different holes they have on that team at this moment.  Cornerback is a huge need for them in my opinion.  Jacksonville did sign OLB/DE Cassius Marsh through free agency,  He was originally drafted in 2014 and has been sort of a journeyman.  Playing for a few different teams.  Last season he played with Arizona. Since 2014, he’s had 139 tackles and 14 sacks.  Maybe he makes an impact as a role player, but I don’t believe he will be a starter.


In his 646 snaps last season, Josh Allen had 31 solo tackles, 13 tackle assists, 11 tackles for loss, and 10.5 sacks.  Along with 2 forced fumbles to add on to all of that.  Josh Allen is a monster in the trenches.  He’s young and full of tons of potential.  I could honestly see him being a three-down player this season with the defensive line possibly losing their only other well-established veteran.  Allen is among a handful of some of the edge rushers that were drafted in 2019 that made an impact immediately for their teams. My top three rookie IDP DE’s from last season are Josh Allen, Nick Bosa, and Maxx Crosby.  In that order.  All three ended the season with similar numbers.  Which is remarkable considering the gap in the number of snaps between the three.

Josh Allen just might be my favorite IDP breakout candidate.  His average draft position at the moment is 106th.  The highest he went to was 85th. Which I believe may be a little early but slightly more appropriate than 106th.  He’s a remarkable young player who’s about to show the whole league who he is and what he is capable of.  If you have some time, watch some tape on this young man.  Look at his abilities and what he can do for your team or teams.  Then reach out to those owners who don’t know the situation he is in and take advantage of that.  Josh Allen just might be the guy who can help get your team in a better position to win.  Allen ownership comes with his DL/DE 1 upside.  Almost certain to give you DL/DE 2 numbers every time he suits up.

It comes as no surprise, that 2020 is going to be full of surprises.  All of us are ready for sports to return.  I’m sure more than a few of us are tired of watching old sports games on tv over and over again.  We’re ready for something new.  The good news is that the draft is a week away.  So much more craziness about happens and I can’t wait to see it.  As always, I hope everyone is staying safe during these times.  Doing your best to follow guidelines set for everyone’s best interest.  I also hope everyone is taking a good look at nature.  With so much of our usual human activity on hold, the Earth is healing.  Remember these moments when everything is going back to normal.  We need to change how we treat our planet and each other.

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