Fantrax Best Ball League Hosted By IDPGUYS

If you are new to IDP, and want to give it a shot risk free, look no further. IDPGuys and Fantrax have partnered up to give you the best experience with a  best ball tournament. Info on how to join at the end of the article.

We here at have formed a partnership with to help create the ultimate IDP experience. IDP as a whole is still an underutilized form of fantasy football. I have met so many fantasy analysts, players, and fans over the past four years, and yet still so many are reluctant to give it try. Whether it be too much research, the reluctance to pour even more focus into fantasy football, or just trying something new, it is still an area many do not want to try. This is where best ball comes into play.

In best ball, you do your start up draft and each week, based off of how the players you drafted perform, the best case lineup is set for you without having to set a lineup. It removes the week-to-week dedication to set a lineup every week. IDPGuys is hosting a best ball tournament on Fantrax, our new partners, and have made the thought process easier when it comes down to who to draft on the IDP side of things. Here I will describe the Fantrax best ball tournament, its scoring, the setup, the prizes, as well as why IDP on Fantrax can elevate your fantasy football experience.

Fantrax Best Ball Scoring Format

Before you can start any draft, it is very important to know your scoring format. The scoring used in the Fantrax and IDPGuys best ball tournament is incredibly similar to that of the IDPGuys Invitational, an annual charity tournament we host at Here is the exact scoring format used on the Fantrax site:

The goal with this scoring setting is to keep offense scoring and IDP scoring as equal as possible. If you participated in the IDPGuys Invitational last year, than you know how closely the scoring was. Here is a list of the top 25 scorers in the league for 2020:

Looking here you can see that your top overall IDP scorer would be QB11, WR3, RB3, and TE3 based off of points scored. There were four IDP players in the top 25 overall scoring, including one CB, Malcom Butler. One thing this scoring setup does is adds value to cornerbacks, a position traditionally undervalued. This helps broaden the spectrum of the value of IDP players more then it has been in recent past. Further more, if you look into scoring ranks 26-50, over half of that group are IDP players. Check it out:

That leaves 17 of the top 50 scorers of the IDP variety. I would say that is a great job at trying to equal out offense and IDP.

Fantrax Best Ball Drafting

The drafting for the Fantrax best ball tournament will be more of a DFS style draft. You will be given a budget cap of $500, while each player is given a salary value. In order to have a team valid lineup, you must stay within the $500 budget cap. Here is an example of some of the players and their salaries:

As you can see, the top IDP players carry similar cap values as the top offensive players, so create your team wisely. You will need to have to find cap values throughout your lineups, players you think will outperform their projected cap number. The toughest part will be finding out how to value IDP and offense, luckily we have all sorts of rankings at which you can find here as a subscriber.

Why Choose Fantrax For IDP

Fantrax is a top option platform if you are looking to play in an IDP league. It is probably the most customizable format where you add points scored for run stuffs, pressures, QB hits, etc.. This allows you to make players who were once afterthoughts in IDP, I.E. cornerbacks and defensive tackles, and make them incredibly relevant. Adding in points for run stuffs makes those completely irrelevant nose tackles on the defensive line more desirable. You can also make each position customizable where you can make IDP premiums. You can make pass deflections worth more, as well as cornerback tackles, as we have in this league making cornerbacks more intriguing.

Fantrax also allows for true position, something that I know is big for IDP right now. True position is where outside linebackers and interior lineman score as they should. Outside linebackers and 4-3 base defensive ends are scored in the same group, also known as edge defenders. This helps outside linebackers be more relevant, as opposed to being buried behind inside linebackers. Same goes for interior lineman being mixed with 3-4 defensive ends. 3-4 defensive ends traditionally score less than 4-3, mainly because they are deployed more or less as interior lineman with the outside linebackers doing most of the edge rushing. True position is another way, along with customizing scoring, that makes all players on the defensive side of the football relevant in IDP scoring.

What IDPGuys Brings To Fantrax

IDPGuys brings over 100 years combined of IDP experience to Fantrax. We created the team in June 2017 with @natecheat, @OrangeMan3142, and @Lanny1925. In June 2018, we added @JoeyTheToothDIP, and in 2019 and 2020 we added a line of heavyweights with a list too long to share. We have 13 rankers on the website covering Redraft, Dynasty, Base PPR, TE Premium, Super Flex, IDP only, Devy, Devy IDP, as well as rookies alone.

The website has over 1,000 published articles between all of it’s writers, including in-season weekly content in regards to matchups, streaming, waivers, injury reports, plus more! 2020 was the first year of our rookie draft guide, two magazines we published, one offense and one IDP, that offer analysis and profiles on incoming rookies. Just this year we added a unique scoring toll that uses player projections to allow for rankings to be created based purely off of your scoring settings. As of now it is for IDP only with over 400 player projections, though adding in offensive projections is in the works as we speak.

In 2020, IDPGuys hosted their own charity tournament in the IDPGuys Invitational. This tournament had IDP first timers all the way up to guys like @TomKisinglbury and @Mike_Woellert. We had 95 participants and raised over $2,000 for Autism charities. IDPGuys is growing and branching out every year hoping to bring you the best IDP experience we possibly can!

Where To Sign Up and Fantrax Best Ball Prizes

In order to play in the IDPGuys hosted best ball tournament on Fantrax, the first step is to sign up for an account. You can do that by visiting (click the link there to sign up).

After you have signed up for an account using the previous link, email us at or DM us on twitter to get the invite link.

From there you can set your lineup and view the scoring as well as all the salary caps set for each player, offensive and IDP. Keep your lineup under $500 and then submit and let it ride for the year! What do you get if you win? Fantrax is offering up $1,000 worth of signed NFL merchandise to the winner, so sign up now and let the IDP fun begin!

Thank you for reading! Check out all of my IDP, Devy, and Offensive work at Be sure to order our rookie draft magazines, which we load with fantastic player profiles and landing spot analysis.

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