Dynasty Stash – Ihmir Smith-Marsette and Anthony Schwartz

One of the toughest parts of building a dynasty roster is to not only find, but have success in stashing future talent. Ihmir Smith-Marsette and Anthony Schwartz are two players you should target for your taxi squad.

There are several ways to do this, especially in leagues that allow taxi squads or deep rosters. Some may reach a little at the end of the startup or rookie draft, acquire someone via trade, or hit that first waiver wire after a draft. Ihmir Smith-Marsette and Anthony Schwartz are two wide receivers I believe are worth the stash at the end of your dynasty rosters. 

Ihmir Smith-Marsette – Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings selected Ihmir Smith-Marsette in the fifth round. He was the 21st receiver off the board. In 44 games at Iowa, Smith-Marsette had 110 receptions 1,615 yards, and 14 TDs. Smith-Marsette is also a versatile return man. In his Sophomore season, Smith-Marsette won the Big Ten’s Return Specialist of the Year. 

Smith-Marsette will go into Vikings training camp with a shot to win the WR3 position right away. We all know the Vikings have a dynamic duo in Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, but they are lacking a consistent WR3 and return man. Smith-Marsette can do it all. Iowa at times used Smith-Marsette out of the backfield and for his career averaged 8.1 yards a carry. 

Adam Thielen’s salary cap hit is $16 million next year per Sportrac. As a result, there is a chance he could be traded or released. There is an open door for Smith-Marsette to impress. He will seemingly fit a vacant role for the Minnesota Vikings. A solid return man but one that could also do more at WR. Smith-Marsette’s speed and ability with the ball can provide him an upside worth stashing. 

Anthony Schwartz – Cleveland Browns

Anthony Schwartz was drafted in the third round by the Cleveland Browns. Schwartz, like Smith-Marsette, enters the season with a chance to compete for the WR3 spot. In three seasons at Auburn, Schwartz had 1,433 yards. Schwartz’s numbers improved each season at Auburn. In his final season at Auburn, he finished with 54 receptions in just 10 games. 

Obviously, Schwartz has landed in a crowded backup receiver room in Cleveland. With Rashard Higgins, Donovan Peoples-Jones, and now Schwartz, there will be strong competition for the number three spot. Schwartz will have to prove he is more than just a burner and develop his route running in a timely fashion. 

With what feels like uncertainty always surrounding Odell Beckham, Schwartz could be in for a bigger role shortly. The Browns are hoping that with Schwartz’s speed (fastest prospect from the 2021 draft) that he can be a deep threat and open things underneath for Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry

Little Risks, Big Dividends

There is little risk to obtain either Ihmir Smith-Marsette or Anthony Schwartz and there is potential to be had with both wide receivers. Schwartz will only be 21 as the season starts and Smith-Marsette will be 22. If you play in a league that allows a taxi squad and you are looking for that late dynasty stash that could provide dividends in the seasons to come, I am looking at these WR3 battles in Minnesota and Cleveland. 

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