Transfer Portal Treasures Part 1

Who are some of the recent transfer portal treasures and what’s the impact it will have on the 2021 season?

With the football season over on all fronts: NFL, NCAA DIV-I, (except for the FCS this spring), I thought now would be a great opportunity to look at the transfer portal to see who had moved and to where. There are a number of reasons why players transfer. Too many in fact, but it can be a good thing for all parties involved. In this series, I am will take a look at some of the most recent transfer treasures and the impact they will have.

DT, Nyles Pickney, Clemson→Minnesota

55 games played, 81 tackles, 48 solos, 13.5 TFLs, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 3 fumble recoveries

My first transfer treasure is a former 4-star recruit from Whale Brook High School. He spent four years in Death Valley, with the Clemson Tigers, before transferring to the Minnesota Gophers just days ago. At Clemson, he was a vital part of their championship dynasty and become one of the best interior defenders in the country. With the embarrassment of riches in Clemson, the decision by Pickney is one I like for him and Minnesota. The Gophers get an extremely experienced defender with championship experience. Pickney should be an immediate starter, can play all up and down the line, and give Minnesota a legit run stopper. Big-Ten conference teams love to pound the rock and Pickney is just the addition Minnesota needs to slow down these run attacks.


DT, Cory Durden, Florida State→North Carolina State

26 games played, 68 tackles, 31 solos, 13 TFLs, 7.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 PBUs

The next transfer treasure on the list is Cory Durden who was a 3-star recruit from Newberry High School. He spent three years with the Florida State Seminoles. After mixed results, Durden decided to transfer to the North Carolina State Wolfpack. He had a solid freshman year but really put his name on the map as a sophomore. Not only was he a top run defender but was also a serious interior pass rusher (5 sacks). Like most of us, 2020 wasn’t kind to Durden, as he opted out of season after three games. He was dealing with coaching changes, a shoulder injury, and a battle with covid-19. The Wolfpack hopes to get the 2019 version to bolster their already impressive defense.

DB, Tyrique Stevenson, Georgia→Miami

19 games played, 47 tackles, 31 solos, 2 TFLs, 1 sack, and 10 PBUs

Up next is transfer treasure, Tyrique Stevenson. With the losses of Richard LeCounte and Eric Stokes to the NFL, I am surprised that Stevenson decided to transfer from the Georgia Bulldogs to the Miami Hurricanes. He was a 5-star recruit from Miami Southridge High School, who was reportedly not happy about how he was being used by the Dawgs. He took the opportunity to go back home and play for Miamil. The supporting cast in Georgia is much better than in Miami, so we’ll get to see just how good Stevenson is on his own merits and skills. The Hurricanes lost a lot of talent up front on their defensive line, so the secondary is going to really need to step up. Stevenson should get plenty of chances to show he’s a star.


OLB, Mike Jones, Clemson→LSU

29 games played, 47 tackles, 25 solos, 8 TFLs, .5 sack, 2 interceptions, and 2 forced fumbles

Now for our next transfer treasure, Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! The LSU Tigers got a much-needed boost to their linebacker group when Jones decided to transfer from Death Valley to Baton Rouge. He was a 4-star recruit from IMG Academy and has three years of eligibility left. With the losses of Jabril Cox and Damone Clark, the Tigers needed help. Jones is a hybrid type linebacker that can fill multiple roles for the Tigers and brings leadership and championship experience with him. He is an all-around good athlete who can be an effective blitzer and play very well in space, both are areas that the Tigers need help with.


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