Rate My League Report: The IDP Guys Autism Speaks Invitational

This report is a product of Rate My League you can go to their site and get a personalized PDF report analyzing your leagues teams.

*Currently teams are still drafting and some of this information might change, we are providing this information because its fun and interesting. Please treat it as such, any further questions on the information can be sent to Rate My Leagues. IDP Guys were not involved in the analysis of these teams*


If you missed out on the IDP Guys Autism Speaks Invitational you can sign up for 2021 by visiting the sign up page. We have been amazed by the fact we have raised nearly $1,500 towards Autism Awareness, and if you wish to give support you can HERE! If you want to donate and get something you can wear to help spread the information about the league you can purchase a league shirt HERE!

Rate My League Original Report<—– See the original PDF here

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