Possible 2023 Super Bowl LVIII Future Bets

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Early line odds on who will win Super Bowl LVIII are out, and some good value is ripe for the picking.

Ok, so I completely whiffed on my Super Bowl LVII defensive predictions. That does not make me a bad person, and it does not mean you should not think about a 2023 NFL Futures wager. Early line odds on who will win Super Bowl LVIII are out, and there is some good value ripe for the picking.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas as we dive into this topic:

  1. I am not here to state the obvious. In case you are wondering, as we make our way to 2023… The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have a great shot in making their way back to the big dance.
  2. We are looking for value when looking at possible NFL Championship future wagers. For now we are simply throwing away every team that does not offer us a 10:1 return.
  3. Following the GM, Coach & Quarterback trend. What longshots have an opportunity to provide improved stability in areas of management, coaching and under center.

Throw Out All AFC Teams

In looking for 2023 Super Bowl LVIII value, just go ahead and throw away all AFC teams. The league is simply to HARD to project. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are arguably the top 4 Quarterbacks in the league.

The league only improves with players like Trevor Lawrence and possibly Aaron Rodgers. Sure bunch of us are down on Russel Wilson, but Denver has now improved at the coaching position with the addition of Sean Payton. Focus on a team being able to navigate the NFC and just having to win a single game. Let dog eat dog in the AFC.

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl LVIII +4000

Say what you want about Kirk Cousins, but he does offer stability at the QB position. I love the fact that he is heading into the final year of his contract. Playing for an additional contract is excellent motivation, and lets face it, the team did WIN 13 games last year.

I agree that the Minnesota Vikings defense is less desirable, but such issues are already being addressed. The team has already hired Brian Flores as their new defensive coordinator. It was not long ago when Flores was once considered the NFL’s coach of the year.

A motivated Kirk Cousins, stacked offense, Kevin O’Connell and coaching staff will be improved and how the defense can only improve. For these reason, +4000 on the Vikings is a good play.


New York Giants +4000

Just take a look at the following FACTS about the New York Giants:

  • Worst case, they will franchise Daniel Jones, who has proven he can play at a high level.
  • Brian Daboll, 2022 NFL Coach of the year.
  • Nine draft picks heading into the 2023 NFL draft. Four of these picks will come in the first three rounds.
  • Stable ownership and management team with and estimated $41.21 Million in CAP space heading into the 2023 season.

The New York Giants have a ton of work to do, but from a value perspective, it’s not a bad play to take it all in 2023 and become Super Bowl LVIII winners.

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