Jachai Polite: A Top EDGE Prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft

Jachai Polite, EDGE prospect out of Florida is one of the most polished pass rushers in the upcoming 2019 NFL draft

Players that can rush the passer are always in high demand in a league that values the ability to throw the football above all else. This is going to make Florida EDGE prospect Jachai Polite a hot commodity when the 2019 NFL draft finally comes around.

My previous profile, looking at EDGE prospect Josh Allen, featured a player that had elite athleticism but needed to work on polishing up his pass rushing technique.  Polite has an arsenal of pass rush moves and counters. Coupled with his blazing speed off the corner, make him a terror on the edge.

Polite looks like he is going to test very well at the combine. His speed around the corner is intense and forces the opposing tackle to get outside in a hurry.

Polite is constantly active with his hands. He does everything that he can to keep the offensive tackle from getting solid contact on him as he bends the edge.

Perhaps my favorite part of Polite’s game is his use of counters when the tackle gets too deep too quickly. He uses his speed to threaten the offensive tackle into getting out of position. He then has the ability to get back inside and make a play on the passer. Polite’s change of direction ability and his spin move make him extremely difficult to block.

Polite is a little undersized and is not going to beat tackles with his physicality in the pass rush. He has to rely on his speed and technique to win his individual matchups on passing downs. He could still add weight and potentially get stronger. Power is probably not going to ever be a part of his game, however.

Against the run, Polite is not a player that is going to blow up the point of attack, push back blockers, and make plays around the scrimmage. He just does not have the size and strength to be that type of player.

What he lacks in size and strength, Polite tends to make up for with craftiness against the run and unrelenting effort. Polite uses his speed, hand technique, and change of direction ability to shed or get around blockers at the point of attack. This is not always ideal for every situation. However, he has shown the ability to make plays on the ball carrier.

Polite’s effort is top notch. Unlike Allen, Polite is constantly playing, regardless of his role or where the play is going. He will pursue across the entire field to make plays on the ball carrier. He also never gives up on a play. Though not violent, Polite is a sure tackler. He shows a commitment to wrapping up and dragging down the ball carrier.

IDP Fantasy Implications

Polite is likely going to be a sack-dependant player for fantasy purposes. While he has shown the ability to overcome some of his size and strength limitations against the run, he is probably never going to be a tackling machine. That said, you can probably expect him to get a couple of cleanup tackles a game when he is playing. His sack potential is among the best in the 2019 EDGE class.

Polite does not have the same ceiling as Allen. However, I think he’s a little more polished as a pass rusher. He also has a more diverse arsenal of moves at his disposal, including pass rush counters. If both players end up starters right away next year, early returns may be better on Polite.

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