Interview with Tariq Snead, CB, Long Island University


Interview with Tariq Snead


Long Island University Sharks #3 Cornerback


Twitter: Tariq Snead (@TariqSnead) | Twitter


  • Played for Timber Creek High School in Erial, New Jersey
  • Earned 2nd Team all-conference honors
  • High School Senior year stats / 11 games played, 41 tackles, 31 solos, 1 fumble recovery, 2 PBUs


Who introduced you to the game of football?

  • My uncle. He has been hard on me about football ever since I was little. He really motivated me and pushed me to the person I am today.

Why did you choose Long Island University to further your football career?

  • They made me feel welcomed,

In what way has Covid-19 impacted your everyday life the most?

  • All the changes that are happening because of Covid-19. Especially football. For us, playing in the spring instead of the fall really hurt but I’m grateful that we are playing regardless.

What has been the biggest difference between playing games in the spring instead of the fall due to Covid-19?

  • The biggest difference is the weather mostly. It snowed a lot this year and it’s been really really cold. Also, us having 4 games instead of our whole schedule was big too. 

What’s the one thing you need to improve most about your game?

  • I guess the mental part.  Sometimes I beat myself up if I give up a pass or a big play and start shaming myself. So I just got to look past that and get on to the next play and do something big.

What’s the strongest part of your game?

  • The strongest part is me being a playmaker. I love making plays whenever I get a chance. Rather if it’s an assisted tackle or catching an interception, I’m always in the play.

What’s your favorite song of all-time?

  • Do what I want by Lil Uzi Vert. My favorite artist honestly.  

What would you do career-wise, if you didn’t play football?

  • I would like to become a mechanical engineer. I have taken classes ever since I was in high school and been really good at it so I plan to get my degree in that and become successful. 

What one game would you recommend someone watch of your play?

  • I would say my last game against Bryant. 

What one game would you like to replay and why?

  • My last game against Bryant because 1. It was my best game of all time and 2. It was our first D1 win in the NEC which is a historical moment. 

Do you play fantasy football?

  • Yes lol, I and my boys from home always play every year for fun.

What NFL cornerback do you pattern your game after?

What’s your favorite defensive play call & why? 

  • I would say like a cover 9 when I’m on the strong side because I can play the flats and jump like slants or bubbles to get a big hit or a pick 6. 

Do you believe in soulmates?

  • Yes, I do. But for me, God, family, and football are really my soulmate, to be honest. I’m more worried about that than having to worry about someone else in my life.

What opposing player was the toughest for you to cover and why? 

  • I really had nobody that was really tough to cover. I guess Tyrese Chambers that went to Sacred Heart and now at FIU. His routes were crisp and had great speed. 

Who is the one opposing player that you want to lay the wood on most? Why?

  • I don’t have 1 specifically but I would say all my opponents. I love making big hits and hearing the sound of the crowd when I do make one.  

If you had to tell an inspiring HS player what the hardest part of playing college ball is, what would it be and why? 

  • I would say me coming off the bench and not really getting no playing time as a freshman and some my sophomore year because it made me work harder than ever and inspired me to be better than who I was before. It humbled me so much and made me a better player physically and mentally.

If you had to give any pointers, what would they be?  

  • Never give up. Keep working 110% better each day you’re out there and don’t slack. Prove to the coaches you’re ready to play and give your all on the field. And when that one shot comes, make the best out of it and many more will come.

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