Get to know the future of Football – Chrinovic Mukulu, DE, Fairmont State

Interview with Chrinovic Mukulu

Defensive End, #22, Fairmont State Fighting Falcons

Twitter: @Chrino94

Instagram: c.94

  • Played for Discovery High School in Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • 10 career games, 57 tackles, 39 solos, 3 sacks, 4 QB hurries, 2 fumble recoveries, and 1 PBU
  • Named All-Region First Team as a senior
  • Named All-County in track & field

  • Played two seasons at Morehead State
  • 22 career games, 48 tackles, 22 solos, 4½ sacks, 8 TFLs
  • Led the team in both sacks and TFLs
  • Played one season at Fairmont State University
  • 10 career games, 40 tackles, 21 solos, 12½ TFLs, 5½ sacks, 1 fumble recovery, and 1 PBU

Who introduced you to the game of football?

My uncle influenced me, but the passion has always been there. I wanted to play football since I was a little kid in Democratic Republic of the Congo. After my parents decided to move to the United States, I felt like it was a sign from God to have an opportunity to start playing. I was able to learn the game from the Youtube videos I could find at that time — I started by learning the positions and how they were supposed to be played.


Why did you choose Morehead State to begin your football career?

I chose Morehead State because I wanted to get out of Georgia and out of my comfort zone and because I wanted to grow as a player and a man. Morehead allowed me to learn more than I would have if I had stayed in my home state. They were also heading in the right direction — they had a team good enough to win, and I wanted to be a part of it.

I also knew I was going to be going against great competition. Liberty University, Austin Peay University, San Diego University, and many more. I was just really excited about the people I was going to face on a weekly basis. 

Why did you transfer to Fairmont State?

I picked Fairmont State because of the environment. The football team felt more like a family than any other team that I visited. They play for each other, and I was really excited about the vibe they were giving out. I knew our defense was going to be one of the best in D2 because of all the players coming back and everyone the coaching staff was bringing in.


What’s the one thing you need to improve most about your game?

I need to appreciate being a linebacker more. I need to work on my quickness and my ability to drop back on coverage. As I have been able to work on it, I am confident that I am a complete player and I can play wherever I am needed.


What’s the strongest part of your game? 

My teammates would say that I am hard-working, physical, and have a relentless effort. They would say that I take pride in my technique probably more than I use my athleticism. With each practice, I see it as an opportunity to get better and to learn about the opponent’s habits. They might say that I take film study very seriously.  

I am an athlete who is great at getting to the quarterback. I got the best hands and will keep improving on it. I am confident that I am a complete player and I can play wherever I am needed.


What’s your favorite song of all time? 

I do not have a favorite song of all time. but I enjoy listening to many genres. Lil Baby and Young Thug are some of my favorite artists. My favorite song at the moment would be “Time Today” by Moneybagg Yo.


What would you do career-wise, if you didn’t play football?

I’ve always had a passion for sports. It does not matter whether it is soccer (football), football, wrestling, track, and field, or even Formula One, because I will keep working my way into the sports industry. I possess excellent analytical skills that help me make decisions and determine how to make improvements or fix problems.


What one game would you recommend someone watch of your play? 

I would recommend watching all of them. Since I have to pick one, I will go with West Liberty University.


What one game would you like to replay and why?

I would like to replay the 2019 game against Notre Dame. It might have been my most complete game statistic-wise, but individual statistics do not win games. 

Do you play fantasy football? 

No, I do not, but I got some ideas on how my team would look if I ever played.


Which NFL player do you pattern your game after?

I try to mimic my game after Yannick Nkague for his hand movement, TJ Watt for his speed and relentlessness, and Khalil Mack for his strength and elusiveness. I try to grasp some knowledge from different players so I can become a better and more effective player on the field.


What’s your favorite defensive play call and why?

I love all of them, and I feel comfortable with all of them, as they all give me an opportunity to make a play. As long as I am on the field, my main goal is to stop the opponent from getting a yard, regardless of any call the coaching staff might call.


Which opposing player was the toughest for you to defend and why?

My former teammate OT Chandler Zavala, who transferred to NC State. He was not an opponent, but going against him every day during practice was a challenge.


Who is the one opposing player that you want to lay the wood on most and why?

Every QB who I am going to face. I am not holding any grudge, I want to get the job done and get the dub by any means necessary.


If you had to tell an aspiring high school player what the hardest part of playing college ball is, what would it be and why?

I would tell him that the hardest part is staying eligible for the next season. Staying on top of your schoolwork will translate to what you do on the field since you won’t need to worry about anything but just playing the game.


If you had to give any pointers, what would they be?

Learn as much as possible and never be satisfied with what you have at the moment. God’s always got bigger plans.

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