Fantasy Football Hot Takes for the 2022 Season

Fantasy football is all about hot takes from others and whether or not they come true in the season. What are some hot takes for the 2022 season?

Anyone can have a fantasy take and it can be right or wrong. The point is — it is fantasy football, even the brightest fantasy experts can look like a fool with an outlandish take. The only way to be is spicy with the takes and here are some hot ones for the 2022 season.

2022 Hot Takes

Tua Tagovailoa and Zach Wilson will both be a QB1

Josh Allen and the reigning AFC East champions will be in for an intense division race in 2022. The Patriots might have found their guy in Mac Jones. Now, the Dolphins and Jets will see if Tua Tagovailoa and Zack Wilson can take control of the division.

Tagovailoa will be with the first-year head coach and offensive guru, Mike McDaniel, for starters. McDaniel came from the 49ers and had one of the best rushing attacks the past three seasons in the NFL.

The 49ers were constantly in the mix for the playoffs. They reached one Super Bowl and just came up short in the NFC championship game in 2021. That was all with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who always has the football world in a frenzy with his questionable plays.

Tagovailoa was ranked third in accuracy rating for each throw with a score of 8. He was also ranked number one in deep-ball completion and red zone percentages.

With a great rapport with college teammate Jaylen Waddle, the future is super bright for Tua and the sleepers will finally awaken after what he does in the 2022 season.

Zach Attack

The New York Jets are a very bad team but have a few good pieces to work with, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Michael Carter, Elijah Moore, and Zach Wilson are the future of the franchise.

Zach Wilson was the second overall pick in 2021. Although Wilson had a 3-10 record in his year, the team is bad as a whole. He showed flashes through the air and with his legs, proving he can be a viable starter in the NFL. Wilson finished top 12 in accuracy rating and deep-ball completion percentage.

Also, he finished with the third-most drops in the NFL which falls on his offensive weapons. Wilson has tremendous upside and is exciting in the rushing department.

Wilson was ranked just 17th amongst quarterbacks in terms of rushing yards but second overall in YPC. With that being said, the rushing upside, the weapons, and arm strength give hope to the Wilson truthers that he can and will be a QB1 in 2022.

The Bengals TWO WR1s

The whole world was put on notice this season with how lethal the Cincinnati Bengals offense can be. If it was not Ja’Marr Chase, it was Tee Higgins putting up monster numbers. In 2020, we saw two sets of receivers from two different teams finish as WR1s. Now, in 2021 we saw another set of receivers post WR1 numbers and we will see it again in 2022.

Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins will not only both finish as WR1s in 2022, but to make it even spicier, the pair will have such monstrous seasons, both will finish in the top five of receivers.

Chase finished as the overall WR3 in total points and WR5 on the PPG basis tool. Higgins finished as the WR17 in total points, but the WR12 (WR1 status) on a PPG basis. Higgins missed three games and still was able to produce WR1 numbers.

A vision of both being healthy for the entire duration of the season shapes up for a historic third season for Joe Burrow. Kirk Cousins had his two receivers as WR1s and Russell Wilson had Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf as WR1s. Burrow can do the same with his two-star wide-outs.

Dalvin Cook: Cooking his way outside the Top 12

Dalvin Cook is a South Florida product and an absolute beast. The truth is, he cannot stay healthy. Cook has not played a full season in his five years so far in the NFL.

With that being said, he still has produced great numbers. Cook has had the second-most rushing yards since 2019 only behind Derrick Henry and has posted three straight years of over 1,150 rushing yards.

Still, the running back position has gotten deeper and more of them are expanding their game and staying healthy while doing so. The track record shows Cook will miss time again in 2022 and it happened in 2021 and had Cook finish as the RB15.

Dalvin Cook will still be of great value, as he is still one of the top running backs in general, but in fantasy football, he is easily a fade as teams need their top guys, especially during the fantasy football playoffs.

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