Different IDP Scoring Settings – Customization Is The Standard

IDP is growing at a rapid pace and some are calling for a “standard scoring setup”. I am here to tell you this NOT necessary, and it actually takes some of the fun out of IDP.

The game we all love so much, IDP fantasy football, is growing increasingly popular. We created the IDP Invitational, a 96 team tournament of newcomers and IDP analysts that donates to charity and it has received rave reviews. Many in the industry have been calling for standardized scoring when playing IDP. I for one am not an advocate for this, I prefer to offer multiple IDP scoring settings. IDP has been around for many years, it did not just appear out of thin air. Now that it is more popular, many want to be the first to standardize scoring but I believe diverse scoring options should be encouraged.


Personally I love the ability to fully customize your scoring settings. When trying to urge more to play IDP, instead of driving a base scoring system down the throat of newcomers, why don’t we offer the vast array of different types of IDP scoring settings that are available. What makes IDP so interesting is the different varieties in which it can be played. All the way from tackle heavy simple scoring to adjustments making cornerbacks some of the top scorers. Lets take a look at the different types of scoring.

Basic IDP Scoring Setting AKA Tackle Heavy

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There is a leaning consensus in the community that a standard of scoring is necessary. I am here to tell you that it will take too much away from the game of IDP. IDP is so customizable that to sell it short on base scoring is blasphemy. We, as analysts, should be able to adjust our advice based off different leagues’ IDP scoring settings. IDPGUYS will soon have the tool that will allow for rankings for whatever scoring system you choose to use.

There are so many IDP scoring settings that we do not want to handcuff newcomers into a certain scoring, we want to give them options and these are some of the best options out there. We have your basic tackle heavy, your Mayhem big play scoring but equal to offense, and your more customized to make normal irrelevant players relevant, and deep rosters more competitive.

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