Brandon’s Pre Draft 2022 Rookie Sleepers

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The Draft is coming fast, so let’s look at some 2022 rookie sleepers before we see where they actually land.

I don’t know about you but I have rookie fever and cannot wait for my Dynasty rookie drafts. Obviously, it is important to hit on your top picks of a rookie draft but you can really sustain success by hitting on some late-round picks. Let’s take a look at some of my 2022 Rookie sleepers.

Tyquan Thornton, WR, Baylor

College Evaluation

Tyquan Thornton was waiting in the wings behind Denzel Mims at Baylor but did not fully take the job of number one receiver until 2021. Watching Thornton’s tape, I saw the speed that he displayed at the combine with the fastest 40 times of the WRs at 4.28 seconds.

He is not just a deep ball receiver but can go over the middle and catch through contact. Thornton also excels at finding zones in the middle of the field.

Some things that hold him back are when a defender can get hands-on with him, disrupting his route and his ability to get separation. At the next level, Thornton will also need to refine route running and work on his technique, for example, not looking back for the ball too early to clue defenders on the route.

Ranking, NFL Role, and Team Predictions

Thornton is my 14th ranked wide receiver and should be available in the late third to fourth round of rookie drafts. Early in his career, he will be used as a field stretcher but he also has the ability to take a short slant to the endzone. I think eventually Thornton could develop into the WR2 for a team and provide explosive plays, great for fantasy managers.

Teams in the NFL where Thornton would be a good fit are those with veteran receivers that he could play the role of the field stretcher. I think day three for the Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, or the Jets would make sense. The best situation for him would be to not be relied too heavily on early and develop as a more rounded WR.

Ty Chandler, RB North Carolina

College Evaluation

Ty Chandler had good numbers sharing time at Tennessee but really broke out and had his best season at North Carolina. He ran with great patience in 2021 and then showed a great burst through the hole. I was surprised that Chander ran the third-fastest 40 times at the combine but he showed good speed on tape.

He showed good balance to fight through tackles, but I would like to see more elusiveness. While Chandler is not bad at pass protection, though he could improve, and also needs to work on his vision — it is just above average.

Ranking, NFL Role, and Team Predictions

Chandler is my 10th-ranked running back and is right before the receiving backs of this class. He needs to be drafted earlier than Thornton because he could be drafted on day two. Chandler has a good well-rounded skill set and I could see a team taking him as part of a two-back system

I am not sure how high the ceiling would be so that is why he is not higher on my rankings. Another factor against him is that he was not an early declare and played in college for five years. Teams that make sense for me are ones that need another back with versatility. The Jets, Saints, and Titans are a good fit for Chandler’s skillset.

Tyler Goodson, RB Iowa

College Evaluation

Tyler Goodson has improved every year he has been at Iowa with 2021 being his best by far as the lead back. Even though he had 256 attempts in 2021, I do not see him as a lead back for a team. Goodson’s biggest asset is his speed and his receiving ability. He had over 30 receptions and was great with angle routes.

I believe that, at the next level, Goodson could run even more varied routes. He ran for over 1,100 yards, but I think he will be limited running between the tackles in the NFL. Goodson shows elusive moves but does not consistently show the physicality to break tackles.

Ranking, NFL Role, and Team Predictions

Goodson is the 15th-ranked running back before the NFL Draft. He is the third of the group of more receiving RBs, behind Tyler Badie and James Cook. The good news is that Goodson should be available in the fourth round and be a complete steal. I see him being similarly used like a J.D. Mckissic, Nyheim Hines, or even Chase Edmonds.

I hope that Goodson goes to a creative spread type offense because I think he could thrive in that system. At Iowa, it was very conservative and with little success in the passing game. Goodson could be a steal if he is the third-down back on a successful offense. The Broncos, Cardinals, and Raiders are all teams that would be a good fit for him.

Thanks for checking out my article on three of my  2022 rookie sleepers predraft. Please note that this is before the draft, as it could change based on team and draft capital. You can read all my work on my IDP Guys Author Page and find me on Twitter @hayeb3

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