Allen Robinson: Dynasty And Redraft Value in 2022

After arguably one of the most disappointing seasons of his career, is Allen Robinson worth holding onto in dynasty? Is he even worthy of a pick in redraft leagues? We’ll let you know whether to keep the faith or let him go.

Allen Robinson is entering the off-season as a free agent in 2022. With such an underwhelming 2021 campaign, it is unclear at this point what his future will look like. Though this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Weighing Robinson’s Options For 2022

Should Robinson stick it out during the rebuild process or go flourish elsewhere? Seems like an obvious choice, but it will depend on how the Chicago Bears play this offseason.

Option One- Stick it out

Presumably, after drafting Justin Fields in 2021, the Bears would draft an offensive lineman to protect their top pick from a year ago. Considering that the rookie was sacked a whopping 36 times this year, that should be a top priority for them this offseason.

If the Bears opt to protect their QB and possibly snag a new WR this offseason, I see Robinson getting a second chance by signing another one-two year deal. This would mean Fields is in the pocket making more passes and running less. In turn, giving the veteran wideout more opportunities to get back to the reliable production we saw a couple of years ago.

The only play with Chicago is to continue the rebuilding process. Signing or drafting some offensive linemen would give the offense a solid boost that allows for these young studs to have the perfect opportunity to flourish. Though the Bears are in need of help on both sides of the ball, it remains to be seen where they will center their focus.

Option Two- Shop Around

If Robinson decides to leave and go elsewhere, the possibilities are endless. One would assume that any team with a veteran at quarterback would be the most enticing. There is no word of anything specific, but the Indianapolis Colts seems to be a popular option across the internet.

At this point in his career, Robinson will need a solid foundation to mesh with. The Colts have made some big improvements in the last year or two and he may be just what they need to take it to that next level. A location like this would be ideal for Robinson to come in and make an impact.

As I mentioned before, there is no official word of whether or not Robinson has talked to any other teams or even considered leaving Chicago. So the door is absolutely open for him to go anywhere. In this case, believe in Robinson for next year.

Dynasty and Redraft Value Effects

Whatever comes of this offseason for Robinson, next year should be a major turnaround for his career. Don’t give up hope just yet.

To the dynasty owners who have held onto Robinson throughout 2021, kudos. I truly believe it will be worth the wait. Hold onto him and do not let go. In very few scenarios does he repeat his performance from this year. After all, it’s only up from here with Robinson at this point, right?

Anyone wondering if Robinson would be worth trading for should give it a shot. Right now could be a perfect time to take him off the hands of an impatient owner for cheap in dynasty leagues.

As for redraft leagues, Robinson’s name should drop down the boards in 2022. I wouldn’t be afraid to snag him to fill a flex spot or as one of your top replacements. Robinson could very well be a late-round sleeper and jump right into any starting lineup in the first weeks of the season, regardless of who he signs with.

A Comeback Is In Store For Robinson Next Year.

I have always had a soft spot for Allen Robinson when it comes to fantasy. He has proven himself to be a reliable option at his position for most of his career. Expect Robinson’s volume and production to get back to the “good ole days” next year. His future will be one to keep tabs on and get excited about for Fantasy Football 2022.

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