2022 NFL Combine IDP Rookies Who Shined

The NFL Combine is a big step in the draft process. Let’s dive into some IDP rookies who shined at the NFL Combine and built some momentum as we approach the big day in April!

After much anticipation, the NFL Combine came and went this past weekend. Speed seemed to be the theme this year. Just like the offense, the defense brought plenty of it. Not only were there players who tested well, but there was a lot to take in from the on-field portions from each group.

Let me just say this, testing data isn’t everything when evaluating whether or not players are going to succeed. The tape matters, and while I’m just an amateur in the field, I do enjoy watching and evaluating the actual tape.

There are players who are fast, yet don’t know how to read what they’re seeing consistently. There are players who are “slow”, but who can diagnose quickly and put themselves in the right position to make plays consistently. 

With all that out of the way, there is a LOT to take away from what’s shown on the field during the combine. Every year there are players who confirm what we thought and others who pop up and shine on combine weekend.

Maybe most of all, it’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch and talk about for draft/dynasty degenerates. Let’s not forget this is an exciting time of year and we all should enjoy each step of the way leading up to our coveted dynasty rookie drafts.

Before we jump into some IDP rookies who stood out, I just want to say this IDP class is loaded with talent. This edge group is one of the best I’ve seen in a while and the linebacker class continues to grow on me the more I watch. As for safety, we all know Kyle Hamilton is special, but there are some other potential impact players as well.

Alright, enough of me rambling, let’s get to it!

IDP Rookies who Shined at the 2022 NFL Combine


Troy Andersen, LB, Montana State

I knew Andersen would be fast, but WOW was he ever fast! He ran an official 4.42 40-yard dash which led all linebackers. At 6′-3” and 243 pounds, Andersen possesses an excellent combination of size and athleticism. After spending time at QB and RB, he is relatively new to the LB position. There is some development needed due to his inexperience, but Andersen has serious potential and definitely boosted his stock at the combine.

Chad Muma, LB, Wyoming

Chad Muma is a name many IDP and NFL draft enthusiasts have talked about and for good reason. I thought his tape was fantastic and was excited to see how he would test at the big show — Muma didn’t disappoint. He ran a very solid 4.63 40 yard dash and had excellent explosive numbers with a 40” vertical and 10′-9” broad jump.

With his size (6’3” and 239 pounds), athleticism, and solid overall game, I don’t think Muma gets out of round two on draft day. Oh and it’s also worth mentioning he was the top LB on the bench press with 27 reps. 

Damone Clark, LB, LSU

Clark had a breakout 2021 season at LSU and has been garnering some serious buzz as of late. His combine performance should continue to add to his upward trend as Clark tested well and also navigated the on-field drills fluently. At 6’2” and 239 pounds, he has a solid frame, and his 4.57 second 40, 36-1/2” vertical, and 10′-7” broad jump pair nicely with his size for the position. 

Christian Harris, LB, Alabama

Christian Harris has been talked about plenty as he’s an athletic linebacker who built a solid resume during his time at Alabama. As many thought he would, Harris delivered during the combine testing as his 4.44 second 40 and 11′ broad jump both ranked second among the LB class. Harris also excelled during the on-field portion and looks squarely in the mix to come off the board in the second round.

Channing Tindall, LB, Georgia

Watching Tindall’s tape it was easy to see he is an athletically gifted player, but what he did at the combine was downright impressive. For the LB group, Tindall came in third in the 40 (4.47 seconds), tied for third in the broad jump at 10′-9”, and his crazy 42” vertical led the group.

Tindall had limited production during his time at Georgia, but that won’t shy teams away from his intriguing upside. He’ll need some development, but Tindall has range and closes in a flash.

Defensive Lineman

*Disclaimer: Aidan Hutchinson and Kayvon Thibodeaux both tested well and we all know they are good. I just thought I would cover some other guys and, oddly enough, they are all from Georgia lol.

Travon Walker, Edge, Georgia

Walker was a player I was super hyped for entering the combine as I thought he would crush, and he absolutely did. First off, he measured in at a solid 6’5” and 272 pounds to go along with his 35-1/2” arms. From a size and length standpoint, Walker hits the marks.

Testing-wise, Walker absolutely stood out among the edge group. He ran a stellar 4.51 second 40, ranked second (edge group) in the three-cone at 6.89 seconds, and had solid vertical (35-1/2”) and broad jump (10′-3”) numbers. If he wasn’t already, Walker put himself in top 10 consideration after his impressive showing.

As you can see by his RAS score below, Walker is truly an elite athlete at the DE position.

Jordan Davis, IDL, Georgia

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! Davis absolutely blew everyone’s mind after he ran a 4.78 second 40 at 6’6” and 341 pounds! His explosiveness was on full display as he posted a 1.68 second 10-yard split and his 10’3” broad jump led the IDL group. From a size and athleticism standpoint, Davis is off the charts. All Davis did was further solidify he’s going to be a serious problem on the interior.

As you can see here, Davis’ combine testing ranks him as one of a kind.

Devonte Wyatt, IDL, Georgia

I get it, yet another Georgia defensive lineman. I’ve long been a fan of Devonte Wyatt’s game and he, like the other Bulldog defensive lineman, showed well at the combine. Wyatt’s 4.77 second 40 time paced the IDL group and his 1.66-second 10-yard split was actually slightly better than his teammate Jordan Davis.

A big man who moves well, Wyatt also showed very well during the on-field portion. Don’t forget about the other Georgia IDL in this draft as Wyatt has legit game.


Disclaimer: We all know Kyle Hamilton is a baller, but here are a couple of other ballers in this safety class.

Nick Cross, S, Maryland

Heading into the combine, Nick Cross was a player whose tape I really liked and was eager to see how he’d perform. Cross absolutely lit up the 40-yard dash as his 4.34 second time was tops among the safety group.

This matches Cross’ tape as a player who can come up from depth and close in a hurry on ball carriers. He also had good explosive numbers with a 37” vertical and 10’10” broad jump. Cross is a name to remember out of this safety group when the draft comes in April. 

Lewis Cine, S, Georgia

The Georgia defense just keeps on making the list. Lewis Cine was yet another Bulldog defender who had a strong showing at the combine. He wasn’t far behind Cross in the 40, running an impressive 4.37 second time and his 11’1” broad jump was the best among the safety group.

On tape, Cine is an aggressive player who closes quickly and makes his presence felt against the run. Cine’s stellar athletic display is exactly what I was hoping to see.


Thanks for tuning into my post combine IDP rookie wrap-up! These are just a few players who I either was eager to watch or caught my eye during the process. There were PLENTY of other defensive players who made noise at the combine and I wish I had time to write them all up. If you have any questions regarding any other IDP prospects, I’m always down to discuss, and feel free to hit me up anytime!

Thanks for taking the time to read my article about IDP rookies who shined at the NFL combine! I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. You can find my work here at idpguys.org and follow me on Twitter @KBellf54. I’m always available for any questions or feedback you may have and my DMs are always open.

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