2020 IDP Breakout Candidates: Johnathan Abram

This article will officially become the 20th of mine to be published. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge since my first one. You can check that out here. This 2020 IDP Breakout Candidates series has been so much fun to write! It’s exciting to be able to drop some knowledge for my readers. Sadly, the series is coming to a close soon. But, not quite yet, I still have a few players left to hype up for everyone!

Johnathan Abram‘s 2019 Statistics: 1 Solo, 4 Ast, and 1 PD.

Johnathan Abram was one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the 2019 NFL draft. He had IDP enthusiasts excited everywhere! He was selected 27th overall by the team once known as the Oakland Raiders. Abram played his college ball at Mississippi State. He’s a very physical player and sets the tone for the defense. Exactly the type of player Coach Gruden wanted to help lead his defense. Unfortunately, in week 1, he tore his rotator cuff which ended his season. News came out in February that Abram was almost back to full health. He is set to begin his second season as the starting strong safety for the Las Vegas Raiders, putting him in prime position to become one of my 2020 IDP breakout candidates.

In what felt like ahead of schedule, Abram was doing reps of 185lbs on the bench press. It was awesome too see him bounce back so quickly from the injury. There isn’t really a threat for anyone to take his job at strong safety. More so, the Raiders need to figure out who will be playing alongside him at the free safety position. It could be Damarious Randall, Erik Harris, or Jeff Heath. Even though the injury may have caused him to miss some much needed playing time, it gave him the chance to study on the sidelines with defensive coordinator Paul Geunther. His coaches believe he has picked up the defense well. Gruden and Geunther are both extremely excited to have him back on the field.

Not Just Another NFL Player:

Abram basically only played 30 minutes for the Raiders in 2019. We never really got a good look at what he was capable of. However, going off college tape, he is one heck of an athlete. He loves to make big hits. That’s probably why his season ended so quickly last year. We can only hope Abram learned a lesson from that injury. His tackling is solid, he knows how to wrap up the ball carrier.

He’s got a good head on his shoulders. Recently he has spoken about how he’s grateful for all the essential workers who haven’t gotten a vacation from work during the COVID lockdowns. If that doesn’t help you love the guy, maybe his high motor will help swing your vote.

When you look into Johnathan Abram, there is one thing that definitely sticks out about him – not only does he have the potential to be a great football player, he also has the ability to be amazing off the field as well. He is a man who leads by being involved in the community and charity work. In my opinion, that says way more about him than his play.



I think he has the potential to be a high caliber safety like Budda Baker. That means, if you can grab him, DO IT! It won’t be easy either, Abram is already on other IDP degenerates radar. He’s currently being drafted around the 16th round. Abram is also about the 13th defensive back going off the board. Normally, my IDP breakout candidates are easier to wait for. Abram is not one of them. You should scoop him up when you can. Draft him as your DB2. Just remember he has high upside. Abram could end up being your DB1 by the end of the 2020 season.

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