Tipster’s Takes Week 18 – Final Hot IDP Take Verdicts

Welcome To The Final Hot Tipster’s Takes Week 18 2022 Season 2023 Wrap-Up!

The Hot IDP Take Verdicts

Simple enough. It’s our general NFL hot takes on a few 2022 flash-in-the-pan IDP fantasy football players. And should be notable names heading into 2023. So we’re ending with our week 18 Tipster’s Takes final fittingly. And of course, it’s with his hot IDP takes on whether they’ll be able to repeat. And mention whatever future 2023 value may or may not be included going forward.

Christain Harris, Inside Linebacker

Whatever kind of experiment this was with the Texans and ILB Christian Harris. It isn’t anything that I want a part of when it started out poorly, and never saw any real improvements. And so be it if maybe, maybe for some reason Harris is a starter going forward. Because production by default is great. But only when it’s at absolutely no cost whatsoever. And not an investment that’ll probably cost us a lot after his mini-breakout by the numbers catches everyone else’s eye.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: It’s a hard pass for me and doesn’t feel like it could ever last long-term even if given the chance.

Jonathan Owens, Free Safety

Came on strong then faded a bit, this under-the-radar safety Jonathan Ownes helped a lot of managers in the beginning. And as a defensive back option still did enough at enough of a professional level to land 50/50 on any investments. It’s a can take-it or leave=it type of scenario.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: There will be no “reaching” nor will there be any real hard looks are his 2023 projected ranking. It’s a maybe Jonathon Owens he’s there late, type of situation.

Zaire Franklin, Inside Linebacker

Nothing less than solid on Zaire Franklin being a key part of Colt’s defense going forward. And if there could possibly be any more upside here. It is known that Bobby Okereke spent a lot of time over the last few seasons playing in place of the often-hurt Shaqualle Leonard. So basically managers always get or nearly get LB1-type production from that position. But it only comes with an LB2 ceiling price tag because of Leonard’s stud status.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: As long as it’s at my league LB2 status, I’m all in for what easily could be a solid LB1 option again.

Drue Tranquill, Inside Linebacker

Years in the making. So if you didn’t know, the Chargers had these types of plans for Drue Tranquill a few years ago. But then a bad ankle injury ended those plans at the time. And now that the Charger is out of the bag and healthy, I’m buying the idea he’s the future ILB they intended to give us the first time around.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: Love his LB1 floor, but see his ceiling capped by Derwin James. More of a Steady Eddie investment, that has very little flash and likely best to look more at an upper LB2 investment window.

Julian Love, Free Safety

As long as the Giants resign safety Jordan Love, we’re in. And it’s not all just about the Love either. Because we all know as IP fans and managers, that this FS position is an IDP gold mine. And that means it doesn’t have to be a stud to play it to make the upper DB1 box score ring. But we think the Giants found their long-term solution, so we’re giving some Love to the Giant’s free safety situation.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: As long as he’s resigned by the Giants at the time of the investment. A DB1 price tag isn’t out of the question when we consider just how watered down the defensive backs player pool is nowadays. And what it means to have one of the few top options we can depend on week in and week out. So feel free to invest accordingly. And wherever your league defensive back’s values are on the few top DB options.

Grover Stewart, Defensive Tackle

Watching Colt’s Grover Stewart develop over the last few seasons has this hot take as easy as cheesecake. Because not only did he impress with a notable DT status this past season, but he also made a mark as a viable DL player. And that’s not easy to do when we consider the consistency it takes to hang with the edge rushers. And dominate from the interior, where it’s way tougher and takes backfield stats that’ll support a solid combined tackle base

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: There is no reason to doubt him, it’s not worked so far if they have. So as far as DT options, he’s the real deal and should be invested in accordingly. But as a DL, pump the brakes. Let’s make sure we have a lock before spending on what it takes to get that consistency we all need at the position with the most scarcity.

Frankie Luvu, Inside Linbacker

The Panthers ILB Frankie Luvu was definitely one of the more obscure breakouts of the season. But he isn’t anymore and has hot LB1 numbers to back the investments when competing for his services now. So is it we get what we pay for? Or are we right to assume he’ll be an LB1 option in upcoming rankings?

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: If anything came out of 2022, it’s that the Panthers found a gem in Frankie Luvu. But we still don’t see a top upper-tier ceiling, so we’ll prefer an LB2 investment when possible.

Mykal Walker, Inside Linebacker

An IDP breakout darling on the spot entering the season. The Falcons didn’t quite like what they had with Mykal Walker. So they turned to the rookie Troy Andersen later in the year. And this created doubts and a timeshare we don’t like the looks of. So if we hear all 3 main linebackers from 2022 return, this could mean trouble in a couple of different ways.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: Barring any super early news, we’re hot to take it is better to overpay or invest in Rashaan Evans at his LB1 price. Or let Troy Andersen slide for an investment value over doing anything short of avoiding Walker. At least at anything near where he was this time last season. So anything at or under an LB3, if you’re feeling lucky.

Rayshawn Jenkins, Free Safety

After hitting the projections of the many who saw it coming. The Jaguar’s free safety and secondary captain Rashawn Jenkins hit his ceiling. Recording DB1-like numbers on average, and showing the consistency we all need and cherish when it comes to a reliable defensive back play.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: Investing in a defensive back is tricky, and with all those young guys developing on defense down in Jacksonville. We’ll go with a DB1 investment Because we aren’t paying a DB1 premium on a player that’s just not an upper-tier name. But instead, catching him at the end of the main wave, or at the top of the second. And keep in mind there at tons of DBs that break out every season nowadays.

So if you miss this type of window on a DB, don’t freak out, there will be plenty to choose from when it’s all said and done.

Jack Sanborn, Inside Linebacker

Nothing short of sold on this Cinderella story. Because of the Bear’s Jack Sanborn talent, opportunity, and the defensive scenario. We aren’t going to fix what isn’t broken either.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: Likely the only IDP listed this IDP Guy would pay the full price set by the league to make the investment. I just wouldn’t suggest it in any case unless your team has extra space for some fliers. Because it won’t be cheap if you go here. And heaven forbid as it happens from time to time. These guys flop and recovering such a high investment will take a lot of luck. And you’ll need one of the fliers to cushion the blow.

Cody Barton, Inside linebacker

It’s not like it was out of nowhere that Seattle’s Cody Baton had a huge chance to impress. Coming into the season as a default starter, that simply has only recorded default production. And if you can find any real consistent finesse in his film, we’ll kiss you A$. And that’s pretty much the verdict via reports coming from most of Seattle’s beat writers and professional critics, and we agree.

The Tipster’s Takes Week 18 final hot take IDP verdict: Unless we hit June or July and Cody Barton is the only name still standing next to Jordyn Brooks. Cody Barton is an avoid unless he falls so far that we just can’t stand it. And if you do get him somehow, if he does manage to keep a starting gig somewhere. It’s likely not going to last more than a few weeks of the season. And that might be the best-case scenario even if he is a Seahawk again.

Thank you for reading my Tipster’s Takes Week 18 – Final Hot IDP Take Verdicts! And if you’re interested, catch more of me and my NFL and defensive fantasy football on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at

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