Kayvon Thibodeaux – IDP Recap Deep Dynasty Profile

Welcome to the 2022 IDP recap and 2023 deep dynasty profile for Giants Edge Rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux.

2022 Regular Season Recap

From an edge rusher IDP play point of view, Kayvon Thibodeaux didn’t qualify as a complete tackle monster this past season. As a pass rusher, it is ok when only a handful can do it. Before I continue, I only suggest managing Thibodeaux as a dual DL fantasy player. Or strictly as a defensive lineman, where available, until further notice.

For a first-year player, Thibodeaux’s 2022 recap is solid enough to take notice of. With a full-time gig on the season, he recorded a solid 49 combined and, with a late surge, added a couple of sacks for four in total in the regular season. This likely landed him as an ED2 or DL2, where available in most balanced scoring formats.

If Thibodeaux increases his sacks, which is likely going to be the case, this hot take would be he’d been a safer play with just a little bit more consistency week to week. And more backfield plays and doubling the sacks are in order. But that’s also how close he was to any real in-season relevancy in this deep dynasty IDP recap.

2023 Dynasty IDP Profile

We have no doubts that with the rookie rust knocked off and his first season under his belt. Kayvon Thibodeaux’s production ceiling will increase in the box score. He performed well above par per PFF. And certainly showed strong signs when reviewing the film, of development in-season like a champ towards the end. At least in terms of splash plays made in the opponent’s backfield, which is exactly where we need it most as an Edge/DL.

The hot take here may sound simple, but it’s not because there are other young formidable edge rushers on this squad. If players like Azeez Ojulari do keep developing and eventually stay healthy, Kayvon Thibodeaux might have more completion than we like to think. But as a rookie, he blitzed nearly 50 times, so his tier-one ceiling might be capped.

That’s “if” he can maintain at least 90% of his tackle production from 2022, on top of adding more of those elusive tackles for loss, QB hits, and such. Perhaps there was good news in the end. Because that apparently started hitting home already and right before the NFL playoffs, swinging his edge rusher two with a DL1 upside outlook, upward even more in deep dynasty IDP formats.

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