IDP Fantasy Football Instant Reaction & Waivers Week Four Edition (Part Two)

Taking a look at the NFL week 4 from a IDP perspective; notes on what our writer @Orangeman3142 saw this weekend.

This is a continuation of my weekly article series that breaks down what we saw this week in IDP fantasy football. What happened and why, what we got right and what we got wrong and more importantly how to move forward and get better this week. We look at possible waivers and trends, snap counts and issues that effect production for your IDP team. We covered the first four games of week four in part one of this series, let’s keep moving.

Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys

Lions: Jarrad Davis (LB) was able to take advantage of the massive amount of run plays and short passes to Zeke & company and parlayed that work into a huge day with 11 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps. Davis remains the only linebacker on the Lions I am even semi-comfortable playing weekly and has been putting up better numbers lately.

Defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson (DT) was an early candidate for the top ten in our offseason defensive tackle rankings but after preseason and the first couple weeks it looked like he was fading into oblivion.

This is the first time I’ve mentioned him this year but since he was considered a top ten DT talent by many before the season it might not be a bad idea to pick him up if this is the start of him turning it around and playing like everyone expected him to. He had 9 combined tackles while playing 52% of snaps.

Linebacker Devon Kennard (LB) has been bouncing around our IDP Guys listener leagues and writer’s league since we have so many linebacker or flex defensive player spots to fill he’s been finding a home week after week. Despite being somewhat sack dependent for points he’s been serviceable more weeks than not this season.

He recorded 5 combined tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFL on 100% of snaps played. If you are in a super deep league you could do worse, he just worries me with the low tackle numbers and relying on what are, in his case, coverage sacks for points each week is a serious roll of the dice.

The Detroit safeties, Glover Quinn (S) and Quandre Diggs (S) have also been serviceable most of this season but really haven’t had a huge week yet. The floors have been decent though if you are desperate for safety help in deeper leagues. Quinn recorded 7 combined tackles and 1 PD on 100% of snaps played while Diggs had 4 combined tackles and 1 PD playing 62% of snaps. Pretty much everyone else on this team IDP-wise I want no part of, maybe Ezekiel Ansah (DE) if he ever returns from injury, that’s about it.

Cowboys: DeMarcus Lawrence (DE) was a one man wrecking crew in this game putting up 8 combined tackles, 3 sacks and 3 TFL while playing 74% of snaps. He is a tier one defensive end and an always start for me.

Cornerback Chidobe Awuzie (CB) has been a really nice surprise this year for the Cowboys secondary and has been one of the most reliable IDP corners this year hands down. He recorded 8 combined tackles and 1 PD on 100% of snaps played. I definitely recommend him if you need help at cornerback.

Linebackers Leighton Vander Esch (LB) and Jaylon Smith (LB) are taking advantage of Sean Lees (LB) latest injury and have been soaking up the production. Vander Esch had 6 combined tackles on 93% of snaps played and is a decent option for you LB2 or LB3 slot while Lee is out with injury.

Jaylon Smith had 7 combined tackles while playing 96% of defensive snaps and has been a borderline tier one producer this year, definitely keep playing him while Lee is out and personally even when he gets back. Smith has been productive all year and has a solid floor.

Byron Jones (S) and Taco Charlton (DE) are tier two guys who have had big days this year but seem to go back and forth between really nice games and clunkers produciton-wise. That’s why these guys are tier two and should only be started in deeper leagues or if you don’t have any better options.

Jones produced 3 combined tackles on 100% of snaps played while Charlton had 3 combined tackles and 1 TFL playing 59% of defensive snaps. The Cowboys remain a great team for producing IDP points and have been all season I’ve personally invested in quite a few of these guys.

Despite Dak Prescott actually looking like a quarterback this week, I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 1989 and am well aware he can’t pass his way out of a paper bag with a map and a flashlight. The sheer number of three and outs, interceptions and stalled drives help to make the Cowboys IDP production among the best in the league.

Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers

Bills: Cornerback Tra’Davious White (CB) came onto the scene last year as a rookie and had a monster season while also establishing himself as a solid corner in real football not just IDP production. That has been apparent this year as he’s been targeted exponentially less than this time last year, as a result other Bills corners have been putting up better numbers this year but there has been no consistency as of yet.

Ryan Lewis (CB) is the latest Bills corner I’ve never heard of putting up a monster week with 8 combined tackles and 2 PD on 88% of snaps played. I’m not buying here, it’ll be a different guy next week.

The two linebackers talked about most for Bills IDP production, Tremaine Edmunds (LB) and Matt Milano (LB), had very different days. Edmunds recorded 6 combined tackles and 1 PD on 100% of snaps played while Milano only put up 3 combined tackles on 72% of snaps.

Milano has been trending down in playing time lately and now his production seems to be suffering as well, I may consider backing off him in coming weeks until we have a better handle on his situation. Tremaine Edmunds though continues to impress in his rookie season and is close to an automatic start for me weekly.

Jordan Poyer (S) was hyped all offseason by me and guys like Gary Van Dyke (@HBogart27). We believed Poyer would take advantage of the youth and inexperience in front of him at linebacker and clean up quite a few plays. He certainly has been doing that. 6 combined tackles, 1 PD and 1 INT on 100% of snaps played cements another outstanding week for the safety.

He has been reliable and productive all season and is an automatic weekly start for me. Micah Hyde (S) is back to having bad weeks after last weeks sole bright spot of decent production. He is officially on my avoid list. 1 solo tackle on 14% of snaps just isn’t going to do it, as good as he was last year we need to accept this new reality and move on from him.

Trent Murphy (DE) and Kyle Williams (DT) also both came back to earth this week with Murphy recording 2 combined tackles on 66% of snaps played while Williams had 1 solo tackle playing 63% of defensive snaps. Both have been spotty this year and each has only one solid week I can remember off hand, I’m steering clear until we see something more than one decent week in four.

Packers: Despite preseason favorite and often hyped in the IDP community Oren Burks (LB) returning to the lineup this week, 4 combined tackles on 34% of snaps, it was his counterpart Blake Martinez (LB) who had the big day.

Martinez put up 9 combined tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFL playing 100% of defensive snaps and remains a tier one producer despite my concerns about his ADP and Aaron Rodgers being healthy this year (a healthy Rodgers means four more minutes of offensive possession per game on average). Even with the reduced time on defense Martinez has proved that he is the real deal and should be treated as so being an automatic start each week.

Cornerback Josh Jackson (CB) continues the pattern of a different Packers corner being a leader in tackles each week with no consistency to be seen, it’s pretty much a roll of the dice as to which corner will do well each week so I’m steering clear of him. Jackson had 5 combined tackles and 2 PD on 84% of snaps played.

Jaire Alexander (CB) though has been a producer more often then he hasn’t been this year so that’s a guy I would consider. 2 combined tackles, 1 PD and 1 INT on 64% of snaps played is decent production from that position and I’ve mentioned him in this article before so if you’re in a super deep league and need corner help from Green Bay he would be my guy.

Outside (rush, edge) linebackers Clay Matthews (LB, EDGE) and Kyler Fackrell (LB, EDGE) both had productive days but due to the nature of the position they are mostly sack dependent for good days and are super hit or miss so I’ll pass. Their days are still noteworthy though so Matthews recorded 5 combined tackles and 0.5 sack playing 64% of defensive snaps while Fackrell had 4 solo tackles, 3 sacks and 3 TFL on 45% of snaps played.

It’s the first time I’ve mentioned Fackrell so I’d rather have Matthews of the two. He would have sacks multiple weeks in a row if it weren’t for the new roughing the passer rules with body weight.

Safeties Ha Ha Clinton Dix (S) and Kentrell Brice (S) had two very opposite days. Brice has been a popular add due to his playing time but has put up stinkers a couple weeks in a row now with his latest day consisting of 2 combined tackles on 100% of snaps played.

Despite getting the playing time and supplanting Josh Jones at starting safety he’s had really good weeks only once in the last four weeks. A guy that produces for you a quarter of the time is essentially worthless in my book, especially at safety where you can find guys whose floors are good enough that you’re getting production pretty close to 100% of weeks you play them.

Time to move on from Brice. Clinton Dix though had an awesome game with 4 solo tackles, 1 PD and 1 INT. He has been solid all year and is an end of tier one or start or tier two guy for me and should be an automatic start in most leagues. Dix also played 100% of snaps.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Tennessee Titans

Eagles: With safety Rodney McLeod (S) injured and out this week it was up to Corey Graham (S) to soak up some of that production. And that he did with a 9 combined tackles and 1 TFL game on 100% of snaps played. McLeod is out for the season so it’s safe to pick up Graham and play him but beware that Eagles safeties usually aren’t the biggest producers.

Malcolm Jenkins (S) who had 7 combined tackles, 2 TFL and 1 PD on 99% of snaps played has typically been the most productive safety in Philly and the one I would want rather than a guy I’ve never heard of who had one good week.

Corners Ronald Darby (CB) and Jalen Mills (CB) have been good IDP producers in the past and have both been pretty good so start the year. Darby had a monster game this week with 8 solo tackles and 1 PD on 99% of snaps played. Mills put up 3 solo tackles playing 100% of snaps which is still a good game for IDP corner in my book. When there are guys putting up one and none in the tackle department I’ll take three as a floor any day of the week. Either of these guys is a good option and both have good snap percentages.

Linebackers Jordan Hicks (LB) and Nigel Bradham (LB) both had productive weeks but Hicks is still the one to own while Bradham remains a good bye week or injury replacement option and a definite roster in deeper leagues. Hicks had 7 combined tackles and 1 TFL on 100% of snaps while Bradham had 5 combined tackles on 80% of snaps played which is better than last weeks output but not as good as his week two production.

Bradham is going to be all over the place but he’s capable of having huge weeks and shouldn’t ever stick you with a donut so if the league size is right I would pull the trigger.

Titans: Second year safety Kevin Byard (S) rebounded from last weeks dud game with a monster output recording 11 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps. He remains a tier one IDP producer despite the occasional bad week, when he does go off it’s usually a giant game like this one.

Malcolm Butler (CB) has been a great option at corner this year and had a great game with 10 combined tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL playing 100% of snaps. With linebacker Wesley Woodyard (LB) going out early with a shoulder injury it was up to Jayon Brown (LB) to soak up that production, which he did with a 10 combined tackle, 1 sack and 2 TFL output on 99% of snaps.

Keep an eye on Woodyard’s injury he’s a tier one IDP linebacker and his loss would create a void in production for other players to fill like Brown or even rookie Rashaan Evans (LB).

Cornerbacks Logan Ryan (CB) and Adoree Jackson (CB) both had serviceable games with Ryan playing 96% of snaps and putting up 5 combined tackles and 1 PD while Jackson returned from injury and played 96% of snaps and recorded 3 solo tackles.

If your league has offense the occasional offensive gadget play or punt return adds to Jackson’s value but he has a decent floor with a handful of tackles every week. He is also going to get a pick and return it to the house at some point this year he seems to every season at least once.

Defensive tackle Jurell Casey (DT) had a solid game with 5 combined tackles and 1 TFL while playing 74% of snaps. He is a great DT2 for your IDP purposes. Kenny Vaccarro (S) has been solid all year but put up his first stinker this week with 2 combined tackles on 33% of snaps.

That snap count is a lot lower than it has been in recent weeks so he’s either injured or the game flow demanded another player in his place, either way I would be cautious when it comes to him next week. He was having serviceable games but wasn’t putting up monster performances so it’ll be easy enough to find another safety to play with similar production and better average playing time.

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

Texans: Corner Jonathan Joseph (CB) led the Texans in IDP production this week with 8 combined tackles and 1 PD while playing 97% of snaps. While those are great stats and the playing time is there this is the first time I can remember talking about Joseph this year so I might steer clear unless we see more consistency from him.

Honey badger, Tyrann Mathieu (S) had his second great week in a row and has been productive three out of the first four weeks of the season. He played 100% of snaps and seems safe to start weekly at this point, he seems to really have turned it around with the Texans and is IDP relevant for the first time in his career.

Linebackers Zach Cunningham (LB) and Bernardrick McKinney (LB) are the two IDP relevant linebackers on the Texans and both continue to have solid seasons. Cunningham had 7 combined tackles, 1 TFL and 2 PD on 100% of snaps played. McKinney put up 5 solo tackles while playing 71% of snaps. Cunningham has positioned himself as the better option of the two with both production and playing time.

Both JJ Watt (DE) and JaDaveon Clowney (DE) had huge games and both remain tier one defensive end options for IDP. Watt is still healthy going into week 5 for the first time in years and had 4 solo tackles, 2 sacks and 2 TFL on 87% of snaps.

Clowney had a monster day with 4 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 4 TFL and one touchdown while playing 83% of snaps. Both are automatic starts when healthy, which isn’t often unfortunately. Always have a backup plan if either of these two are on your roster they both seem to be cursed with the injury bug every season.

Safety Kareem Jackson (S) had 4 combined tackles and 1 TFL while playing 100% of snaps and is designated as a CB,S in some leagues. If you can plug him into a cornerback slot and get safety type production and more importantly safety type consistency in that position that’s an advantage. I’ve mentioned Jackson in week one as well and he’s been decent most of the season, if you are in a league where he has the dual designation and need corner help he’s not a bad option.

Colts: Linebacker Darius Leonard (LB) has been and continues to be the best story in IDP this season. He had another monster game with 13 combined tackles, 1 sack and 1.5 TFL on 99% of snaps played. He’s almost certainly gone from waiver wires at this point but if you can trade for him in dynasty you could be in on the ground floor of a guy who has a real shot to break the modern single season tackle record of 195 by Chris Spielman and whose future is extremely bright.

Anthony Walker (LB) has had his stock increase quite a bit since the Colts released Skai Moore (LB) who was the sole competitor for the middle linebacker spot that Walker now owns by himself. He played 85% of snaps this week and recorded 10 combined tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFL. He now has the playing time and he’s had the production all season so go get him if you need linebacker help and he’s still somehow on the waiver wire.

Denico Autry (DE) came back from injury this week in a huge way putting up 9 combined tackles, 2 sacks and 4 TFL on 88% of snaps played. He may be worth a waiver wire add if anything like this kind of production becomes the norm for him.

Despite the opinion of other “experts” in the IDP Twitter-verse Autry’s return to action did not impact Margus Hunt’s (DT) snap count at all. He played 93% of snaps this week, which is the most he’s played all year, while recording 3 solo tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL. Another solid week for one of my favorite IDP players this season.

Jabal Sheard (DE) had a decent game himself this week with 5 combined tackles, 0.5 sack and 0.5 TFL on 73% of snaps this week. He’s always been a solid bye week or injury fill in guy in smaller leagues and is playable in bigger leagues.

Safeties Clayton Geathers (S) and Malik Hooker (S) had two very different days. Both played 100% of snaps but Geathers had another great day with 7 solo tackles while Hooker only recorded 2 solo tackles in an off day. Clayton has been the best IDP safety to own this season and Hooker has had serviceable days in half of the games he played this year. I would only play Hooker if you’re really desperate for safety help. Despite him having some good games this season he’s also had some real stinkers.

Leonard, Geathers and Hunt have been my favorite IDP surprises this season and you can add Anthony Walker to that list now as well. With the departure of Skai Moore he becomes another close to tier one performer that you could’ve gotten for peanuts at any point this year and probably still can since most people don’t pay close enough attention to know what Moores departure really means. Go get him if you can.

Make sure you catch part one of this article and keep an eye out for part three and my start or sit article dropping Saturday. My bad habit of going too far into detail means this article is in multiple parts instead of one novel. If you have any questions or need some advice feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@OrangeMan3142) or use the “Contact Us” box on our website ( to reach us.

Keep an eye out for our other articles and info all week and my start em sit em article dropping Saturday morning. Good luck in your matchups this week!

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