IDP Fantasy Football Instant Reaction & Waivers Week Three Edition (Part One)

Taking a look at the NFL week 3 from a IDP perspective; notes on what our writer @Orangeman3142 saw this weekend.

This is my weekly article that, taken with my Saturday startsit article, should give you the minimum amount of information you need every week to make solid decisions when it comes to setting you weekly IDP lineups. This article series deals with what happened in each of the games and why. Who did well and who didn’t, what we got wrong and what we got right. But that’s the bare bones for information you need each week.

Hopefully you’ve been visiting daily and keep up with what we put out.

But if you haven’t there’s this series, my startsit series, Gary’s startsit easy charts, Gary’s hard starts and soft sits and a ton of other articles focusing on individual players and everything in between. Tyler covers whose stock is rising and falling, Ronald puts out injury reports and Sam covers the rising stars among rookies and other players. We have a solid team here with multiple guys who have been playing IDP fantasy football since 2004 and earlier.

The point of that short rant is you can get everything you need to make the best IDP related decisions right here all in one site. I would highly recommend checking out everyones work and use that information to crush the rest of your league. We put in a ton of work and research every week to get you guys the best information possible so you can make the best decisions possible and get the outcome you’re looking for.

And if we don’t know something we know someone who does and will make sure we get you to the right person for the information you need, these guys are all dedicated to being the best one top shop for IDP there is.

Week three was another wild one in the NFL and we officially no nothing when it comes to who’s going to win and who isn’t. But when it comes to IDP we have been on the ball this entire year so let’s break down what happened this week and diagnose who you need to keep playing and who needs to be dumped and replaced with an upcoming IDP producer.

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

Jets: The obvious one here was my personal whiff on Avery Williamson (ILB). He finally showed up and did what we were expecting all offseason and I had him on my bench in many a league after the first two weeks of duds. He put up 14 combined tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1.5 TFL in an outstanding game while playing 100% of snaps.

He’s in a great situation and has been I think it’s just a matter of dealing with the bad games and knowing he’ll have these great ones as well. As for how often it will be a dud who knows, it’s a situation we’ll monitor. Personally I pulled him for Darius Leonard and Anthony Hitchens and would do it again, those two have been far more reliable so far.

Doug Middleton (S) was the other big story with 11 combined tackles, 1 PD. He played 100% of snaps but Marcus Maye was out again due to injury. Until Maye comes back Middleton looks like a nice option at safety if you need help there but I would be aware that kind of production can and will change when Maye returns. Daron Lee (ILB) also played 100% of snaps and had a decent game with 7 combined tackles, 2 TFL.

He has been solid in two out of three games this year so I’m fairly confident if you need to play him. Jamal Adams (S) had a nice game but cooled off somewhat from weeks one and two with 6 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps. He’s an always start for me and is capable of huge games any time. Buster Skrine (CB) only played 19% of snaps this week so I’m backing off my recommendation on him even though he had a decent game with 2 combined tackles, 0.5 sack, 0.5 TFL.

Browns: With Christian Kirksey injured and out in this game we all knew that Joe Schobert (MLB) would have a huge game. He recorded 7 combined tackles, 0.5 TFL, 2 PD, 1 INT and was the only member of the Browns defense to play 100% of snaps. He’s an always start. Larry Ogunjobi (DT) has been the big surprise from this defense so far this year. He put up 8 combined tackles, 2 TFL while playing 95% of snaps.

If for some reason he’s still on your waiver wire go get him. I might even consider starting him over known quantities like Damon Harrison and Linval Joseph at defensive tackle since he’s been so dominant through the first three games. Also with Myles Garrett (DE) causing havoc and demanding double teams constantly opposing offenses are less likely to focus on Ogunjobi leaving him free to do his work without being harassed.

Speaking of Myles Garrett (DE) had another awesome game with 3 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 2 FL, 1 PD while playing 90% of snaps. He’s an always start as well. Denzel Ward (CB) continues to shine in his rookie year and if available I would strongly recommend picking him up, he’s reaching automatic start status as a cornerback and in IDP that’s crazy rare. He had 4 solo tackles, 1 TFL and recovered a fumble while playing 98% of snaps.

Jabrill Peppers (S) and Damarius Randall (S) continue to be decent options in larger leagues with Peppers recording 4 combined tackles while playing 63% of snaps while Randall 4 combined tackles at 98% of snaps played. Randall has been the better option so far and Peppers snap % has been fluctuating. If it’s not a huge league you can usually find a guy who will at least give you 100% of snaps a game and has as good if not better production then Peppers has put up so far.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Saints: Demario Davis (LB) once again led the Saints in tackles with 8 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps. Just due to volume and his position on the field and playing time so far I think it’s safe to say I missed the ball on Davis. He’s going to be fine this year and may even sneak up on his numbers from last season with the Jets if he keeps up this pace.

Cameron Jordan (DE) continues his monster season with 5 combined tackles, 2 sacks and 2 TFL while playing 91% of snaps this week. He’s an always start and is on pace for another outstanding season.

Both Vonn Bell (S) and Marcus Williams (S) had nice days with Bell recording 5 solo tackles at 79% of snaps and Williams putting up 5 combined tackles at 100% of snaps played. I’m still more partial to Williams but both guys have been consistent so far this year. Bell has to deal with Kurt Coleman subbing in occasionally though so he loses some value there.

PJ Williams (CB) had a nice game at cornerback with 5 solo tackles while playing 74% of snaps. Marcus Davenport (DE) got a sack finally but that was about it. I still don’t see him as start-able just yet. Sheldon Rankins (DT) however continues to play well with 3 solo tackles and 2 TFL this week while playing 76% of snaps. He has been a decent option if you need defensive tackle help and shouldn’t be high % owned unless in a super deep league.

Falcons: Duke Riley (LB) was a start from me this week and had a massive game helping to fill in for Deion Jones. Riley recorded 12 combined tackles while playing 80% of snaps this week. There was some talk this week of Foye Oluokon (LB) playing more and soaking up some of that production but it didn’t seem to materialize this week with Foye only recording 4 solo tackles while playing a mere 24% of snaps.

Riley is a nice fill in guy if you have injury issues and if we’re lucky will continue to produce like this until week ten when Deion Jones comes back from IR.

Damontae Kazee (S) stepped into Keanu Neals shoes today and did a spectacular job recording 10 combined tackles while playing 92% of snaps. He will be a popular add this week on the waiver wire and if you need help at safety I can’t think of too many other options I’d rather have at this point. Ricardo Allen (S) also had a nice game with 7 combined tackles while playing 84% of snaps.

Both are solid options if you need safety help but I think these numbers were a bit inflated due to the extra time spent on the field during overtime and the nature of this game with the tons of offense and long drives by each team leading to a huge amount of tackles. I would dial expectations back a bit but still these two are nice options if you need safety help. ***Note Ricardo Allen tore his ACL, is done for the year so DON’T pick him up.

Grady Jarrett (DT) had a bit of an off game with 3 combined tackles while playing 84% of snaps but should be fine. He’s been reliable and that’s not the worst game in the world when it comes to defensive tackles in IDP. Vic Beasely (DE) finally got himself a sack and had a decent game but it was doubtful he was in too many lineups after the dreadful first two weeks. I still have him on my avoid list until or if we see any sustained improvement.

San Fransisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs

49ers: We found out right before kickoff what the linebacker corps would look like with Malcolm Smith healthy and Ruben Foster back from suspension. Fred Warner will remain at middle linebacker while Foster moves over to weakside linebacker and Smith takes over at strong side linebacker. For me that means I’m playing Foster and Warner and shitcanning Smith.

Fred Warner (MLB) had another awesome game with 11 combined tacks, 2 TFL and 1 PD while playing 100% of snaps. With this lineup now set in stone it’s safe to continue to start Warner, especially since he’s staying at MLB.

Ruben Foster (WLB) had a nice game as well in his first action back from suspension with 7 combined tackles and 1 PD while playing 99% of snaps. DeForest Buckner (DT) had an off game this week with  3 combined tackles while playing 72% of snaps. He’ll be fine, it happens.

Defensive tackle isn’t a position like linebacker or safety where if you go a week or two without solid production you freak out. It happens with defensive tackles, check the best ones stats for an entire year and you’ll see that DT production is hit or miss, you’re just trying to find and play the guys that hit more often then they miss.

Antone Exum (S) stepped in for the injured Jaquiski Tartt and had a massive game with 9 solo tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL while playing 100% of snaps. Don’t even bother with this guy unless you hear that Tartt is out next week as well. If that’s the case then Exum may be a nice fill in guy for the week but I expect his playing time to dive off a cliff when Tartt returns from injury.

Solomon Thomas (DE) put up a donut on the stat sheet while playing 58% of snaps. He may have been a hyped option at defensive end coming into this season but so far NOT so good. I would look elsewhere for defensive line help.

Chiefs: The Chiefs spent most of this game on offense so their defensive stats are a bit flat this week but there were still some bright spots. Anthony Hitchens (ILB) continues his phoenix-like rise from the ashes of IDP oblivion with another solid week of 6 solo tackles while playing 88% of snaps. He has been solid all year and I continue to start him without hesitation.

Ron Parker (S) had a solid day as well with 7 combined tackles while playing 100% of defensive snaps. Until Eric Berry gets back I would expect this kind of production, when he does return though I do expect some kind of shuffle with the safeties and or their snap %.

Reggie Ragland (ILB) continues to put up numbers despite not playing nearly as many snaps as I would want as a starter for my IDP squad. He recorded 7 combined tackles playing 72% of snaps. He has shown the ability to produce even without the kind of playing time you want from a starting linebacker so if you’re in a super deep league and need LB help I could think of worse options.

Kendall Fuller (CB) continues to be a solid IDP corner with 5 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps. I like him more and more every week and with the Chiefs high powered offense blowing teams out of the water routinely opposing teams are being forced to pass earlier and more often then they want to.

For an IDP corner the more passes coming your way the better so I see this as a recipe for success for Fuller this season. I would highly recommend adding him if you can off waivers, he’s close to being an automatic start for me.

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Raiders: Reggie Nelson (S) led the Raiders in defensive stats this week with only 5 combined tackles while playing 89% of snaps. Raiders safeties haven’t been real consistent or productive in general this year so I’m steering clear of that. Production was spread around pretty evenly this game so if you did start any Raiders IDP you probably had a bad time doing it.

Tahir Whitehead (LB) was one of my recommended starts this week and ended up with 3 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps so I screwed that one up. He should bounce back he’s in good position to soak up the majority of IDP production for Oakland. Besides Whitehead there really aren’t any other Raiders IDP players I’m interested in week to week. I would look elsewhere if you need any help off waivers this week.

Dolphins: Kiko Alonso (WLB) continues his monster season with 15 combined tackles while playing 100% of snaps. Despite the offseason hype surrounding Raekwon McMillan the vast majority of Miamis LB production has been from Alonso. He’s been great, keep playing him. Reshad Jones was a late scratch due to injury this week so Mincah Fitzpatrick (S) got his first start at safety and showed us all a glimpse of his future when he assumes that role full time.

He recorded 10 combined tackles playing 97% of snaps. Unless Jones is injured and out again this week this will be a flash in the pan so don’t count on it, that’s Jones position and he’ll take back over when he’s healthy. Fitzpatrick is still great to own in Dynasty or as a keeper I just don’t think he’ll see a ton of production this year.

Jerome Baker (LB) had a nice game with 9 combined tackles while playing 61% of snaps. Baker is the SLB though and that position rarely produces consistently enough for IDP purposes so I would steer clear of picking him up unless you are in a super deep league. Bobby McCain (CB) had a nice game at cornerback with 9 combined tackles and 1 PD while playing 95% of snaps.

This is the first time I’ve mentioned him so I would rather be looking for a more consistent corner on waivers. Vincent Taylor (DT) and Davon Godchaux (DT) both had nice games with Taylor recording 7 combined tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFL while playing 57% of snaps.

Godchaux is a guy Gary is big on and has had two nice weeks in a row, he put up 3 solo tackles and 1 TFL while playing 68% of snaps this week. Godchaux is the more consistent of the two and his snap count has been steadily increasing since week one. He’s the one I would recommend if you need defensive tackle help.

Keep an eye out for part two, three and four of this article series. My bad habit of going too far into detail means this article will be in four parts instead of one novel. If you have any questions or need some advice feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@OrangeMan3142) or use the “Contact Us” box on our website ( to reach us. Keep an eye out for our other articles and info all week and my start em sit em article dropping Saturday morning. Good luck in your matchups this week!

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