Dynasty 2022 Free Agency WRs

The 2022 offseason is upon us. What does the market for free agency WRs in dynasty look like? Are any worth buying?

The 2022 Free Agent WRs

Buying free agency WRs in dynasty can be a big hit-or-miss proposition. The elite players who change teams tend to see a minimal drop but acclimating to new systems takes time. Not to mention getting on the same page with a new QB. Play callers have to learn the best way to take advantage of their new receivers’ strengths while masking any weakness. The crop this year is strong, let’s dive in!

The Headliners

The list of WRs available this offseason is a long one, and another deep class in the draft means teams can pick and choose the best scheme that fits their needs. We’ll take a look at four of my favorites, where they might end up, and what it could mean for them. Let’s start with the top dog in the class.

Davante Adams, Age 29

Elite WRs like Davante Adams rarely make it to free agency. They sign mega deals or get the tag. The rumor is Adams will get tagged, but the Packers need to make some moves first. Currently, approximately $50M over the salary cap, the team needs to free up an additional $20M or so to tag him. He’s got a few situations to parse through, each with obvious effects on his value.

Situation one is status quo, the Packers figure out deals for Aaron Rodgers and Adams. Adams will maintain value for 2022 and he’s a hold for contenders and sell in a rebuild. Situation two is Adams staying but Rodgers leaving. While backup QB Jordan Love has barely played, the passing volume and scoring would severely drop. This wouldn’t be ideal but he’d be a hold for all, as I’d expect WR10 or so for 2022.

Finally, if Adams leaves, where would he go? Looking at teams with cap space, the ideal landing spot is the Chargers. Put Adams into the Mike Williams role and watch him thrive. I wouldn’t shift Adams’s value from playing with Rodgers in that scenario. Obviously teaming up somewhere with Rodgers would be fantastic as well. Wherever he lands, the floor to me is comparable to situation two.

Chris Godwin, Age 26

Chris Godwin is likely the best WR to change teams. I wrote about him some here, and still feel similarly without knowing where he goes. If he returns to the Bucs, I’m not sure how they’d maintain a strong run game and defense, as well as replace their retired QB. So a Bucs return is likely to mean a high-volume passing attack in an offense that funnels targets to him.

If Godwin were to walk, I’m not sure where he goes. Every team should be interested in him, but my favorite situation is as a 1A/1B WR situation where he’s the slot guy. This would keep defenses from focusing on him and maintain his same role. A team like Chicago, in theory, makes some sense. A strong security blanket to aid in Justin Fields‘ development and Darnell Mooney to take the top off defenses.

Allen Robinson, Age 28

Allen Robinson might be one of my favorite buys on a contender. He struggled with injuries and a lack of targets in 2021. Former coach Matt Nagy clearly didn’t take advantage of his best player. In 2019 Robinson had 154 targets. 2020 he saw 151 targets. 2021? A mere 66 targets went Robinson’s way. Playing on the franchise tag last season, Robinson is already out the door.

Where will he go? To a stable QB situation. Justin Fields is the best he’s ever played with and that’s as a rookie with poor coaching. Robinson should look to the AFC West, as I see fits with the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders there. The Chargers I highlighted above. On the Chiefs, he’d see targets from Patrick Mahomes. In Vegas, he’d be Derek Carr‘s top option and see high volume like many WRs have in that offense.

Mike Williams, Age 27

Mike Williams finally showed the promise that made him the seventh pick of the 2017 draft early in 2021. That might well see him paid handsomely, as big alpha types tend to cash in in free agency (see Golladay, Kenny). The Chargers have a young QB and plenty of cap space if they choose to keep him. If that happens, I love him as a WR3 on my roster and would value him in that range.

Should Williams seek greener pastures though, where might he land and what would it look like. Nearly all the teams with cap space should be considered. The Jets, Jaguars, Dolphins, Colts, Commanders, and Bears all jump out as landing spots. I think of those teams, I’d prefer Jacksonville as a chance to be a true alpha and build with Trevor Lawrence. Not sure a move like that really changes anything for his value.

Returning from Injury

Just for the WRs, I have a special category for injured players. Godwin would fit here but he’s elite and needed his own write-up above. These players were out of sight, out of mind for a bit or all of 2021, and as such probably aren’t valued in accordance with the talents they’ve shown.

In this group are receivers like DJ Chark, Odell Beckham Jr, Will Fuller, Michael Gallup, and Juju Smith-Schuster. Of this group, I have a couple of different sub-groups. The first is the late-season injuries, Beckham and Gallup. They are buy-low stashes for contending teams, and Gallup is just a general buy low. If they’re late starting the year on new teams, I’d temper 2022 expectations.

The other three I’m buying anywhere I can. Fuller has been unbelievably efficient in his healthy games. People view him as injury prone, and typically that’ll make him cheaper. Chark had a fantastic second season with Gardner Minshew but struggled since. Put him as a second option for a team and watch him blossom. Finally, Juju wants to join Mahomes, and will only be 25 for next year. Buy them all!

The Other Guys

Finally, I want to dive into some bargain-hunting options. I’ll start with two restricted free agents. Deonte Harris and Jakobi Meyers are both solid cheap options. Neither are likely to relocate this offseason and are in stable systems that are easy to project. Meyers is a safe flex type option and Harris is an upside flex option that can pay off with one play.

Some unrestricted free agents who could see role changes are Christian Kirk, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Byron Pringle, and Braxton Berrios. Pringle and MVS are likely capped in their current roles but without other additions, they’re intriguing and cheap. Kirk popped this year and likely can see solid volume in another situation. I’d take him as a WR3 type if he can land a slot role on a high-volume offense.

My favorite cheap buy this offseason is Braxton Berrios. He’s popped with opportunity and should secure a multi-year contract as a punt returner and slot receiver. I think a team like Jacksonville makes a lot of sense, giving Lawrence a pro version of Hunter Renfrow. An underneath option he can heavily target in a growing offense? Sign me up, and he’s likely to be nearly free right now!

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