Chad Muma – IDP Recap Deep Dynasty Profile

Welcome to Inside Linebacker Chad Muma‘s 2022 IDP recap and deep 2023 dynasty profile.

2022 Regular Season Recap

Jacksonville’s first-round Devin Lloyd managers shouldn’t get too excited, too quickly. At least, about a clean fresh start next year. And thinking he’ll be a lock coming into next off-season with an edge. When Chad Muma has made it tougher for Lloyd to make a complete comeback as a full-time starter next season.

The third-rounder has got the job done just as well after stepping in when Lloyd seemed to hit a wall. At least that’s according to the NFL reports when Muma took over. And with a strong rookie completion rate when targeted by that quarterback. And get this, he’s missed one tackle in 35 attempts. That’s just under 3%, though it is in a small sample overall. We’re still very impressed.

Unfortunately for NFL and IDP fans pulling for Muma. He recently missed week 14 with an ankle injury. So Lloyd was back in and looked better, in general. But Muma has made his point. And between whoever finishes out the fantasy football playoffs as the starter. That guy is basically auditioning to start next to Foyesade Oluokun next year.

Deep Dynasty Profile

To be clear, we do think that Devin Lloyd enters next season with the first shot at starting full-time. But right now, that’s just based on draft stock from where we sit. And it’ll take a major drop-off from one or the other to create a clear edge for either this coming offseason.

As for Chad Muma’s deep dynasty profile hot take, the Jacksonville Jaguars deserve a lot of credit. They drafted a few nice defensive players in 2022. And Chad Muma is one of them and going to help led Jacksonville for the next three or four, or more years.

And great news, Oluokun only has one year left on his contract. So after the 2023 season. Both Muma and Lloyd look good enough right now to be a great future IDP tandem in Jacksonville. And according to what we’ve seen this past season, they’ll both have smoking hot take LB1 value in 2024.

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