Best IDP Dynasty Profiles — Second-Year Safeties

Welcome to the NFL’s IDP Dynasty Profiles — second-year safeties — the best of 2023 edition.

Best IDP Dynasty Second-Year Safeties

Jaquan Brisker

The Bears’ mid-second-round 2022 rookie lit it up in the first 11 weeks, averaging over a two-to-one ratio prior to a concussion that had him sidelined for a couple of weeks. Brisker also added multiple splash plays and wrapped up the season with his solo to assist rato well intact. This is a big part of why he’s sitting atop this best-of-the-best IDP dynasty of second-year safeties list.

In those last few contests, Brisker backed off from the splash plays. He made his mark in Chicago, and, along with linebacker Jack Sanborn, will no doubt be the future of the defense. As of right now, the way the Bears look, this deep dynasty window is wide open… (Read More)

Jalen Pitre

How is Houston’s second-year strong safety not listed first? It’s really no particular reason as to why. Jalen Pitre has exactly the same deep top IDP dynasty profile as exhibit A, and one would argue that Pitre leads all the safety rookies in production. That alone is enough to choose Pitre over Brisker.

As for production projection between the two, Pitre was just under in solo to assist ratio comparably. But those same splash plays game with eight interceptions are also credited with eight pass breakups. So, although those interceptions might be hard to repeat, neither Pitre nor Brisker should have any problems competing for top 20 BD rights as soon as next season… (Read More)

Kyle Hamilton

The number one toted-rookie safety by many heading into the 2022 season, Kyle Hamilton increased his snaps over the later part of the season. After Week 14, Hamilton started seeing more consistent playing time with the three-man safety starting unit. Although it was sporadic, he showed he wasn’t out of place, with just a 7.5% missed tackle rate out of 67 attempts.

Per snap, that’s making a play on the ball around almost every seven snaps played in the last five regular-season games. This is enough sample to know that it’s great IDP production for the third safety in any defensive scheme.

So there lies the problem if there is one because, per team contracts, there isn’t a clear fantasy door that’ll open soon and include a bump in DB1 production… (Read More)

Kerby Joseph

With tougher odds to make an impact over the Lions’ Tracy Walker, and as long as they resign DeShon Elliot, it’s tough to assume that second-year guy Kerby Joseph will overtake either to start next season.

Unlike the situation in Baltimore, we’re seeing way above-par results from the veteran players in Walker before and Elliott this past season. Joseph was far from incapable and may be the best deep IDP dynasty second-year safety on the table heading into this offseason… (Read More)

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