2020 IDP Invitational Average Draft Position Data – Live

An updating article with ADP data from the IDP Guys Autism Speaks Invitational

//August 12th 7:30\\

The IDP Guys Invitational is a charity league which is free to play, but a donation to Autism Speaks is requested. The 2020 season is full but if you are interested in getting an invitation to the league you can sign up for 2021 —> HERE 

The invitations will go out in July each year with the draft starting on August 1st. This year we were able to invite a mix of 96 fans and analysts. If you would like to follow along you can see the league —> Here

The scoring and make up of this league is unique, its Super Flex, PPR, TE Premium with IDP. The IDP scoring is a balanced Big Play scoring system with bonuses for CBs.


If you would like to donate to Autism Speaks please consider this link —> Here

We also have an event shirt available with all profit going to Autism Speaks—-> Here


The ADP is based on where the divisions are currently in a non complete draft. Check back as I update this each day till all drafts are completed.

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